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ACCOMPLISHMENTS Educator with over ten years' experience teaching English and Humanities courses at multiple institutions. Held position of Associate Dean and General Education Department Chair at ITT Technical Institute for over 7 years, possesses administrative experience. Accreditation body compliance experience, student success and retention experience as well as scheduling experience. In the over seven years as Associate Dean I concentrated extensively on student success initiatives and created a program called Gen Ed + Core = Student Success. I developed a program in which General Education instructors (Math, English, Humanities) paired with a Core instructor (Electronics, Networking, Criminal Justice, Nursing) to create assignments that stressed the importance of General Education knowledge within the concentrated field of study. This program showed students how important general education knowledge is in the work world by presenting concrete examples as to how Math, English, etc. applied to actual on the job activities in a technical field increased the General Education student success rate at our campus from 72% in September 2009 to 95% in June 2016. The success of this program was accomplished through dedication to the education and future needs of our students and commitment from faculty and administration. As administrator and head of the General Education Program at ITT Tech, Orland Park, IL, re-entry goals were consistently met every term for six years.