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Mechanical Engineer

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with a capacity of 100 MW. * Performed experiments to measure vibration in various spacecraft structures at Environmental Test department. * Tested hammer impact method in both acquisition phase and analysis phase to obtain a transfer function to estimate various modal parameters such as frequency, damping ratio, and mode shapes. PROJECTS USC Liquid Propulsion Lab * Researched propellant filling, draining and handling requirements for various cryogenic and non-cryogenic propellants. * Surveyed on selection criteria of spark plugs, their merits, demerits, and applications. * Researched on spark plug duration and devised ideal position to put the spark plug geometry in the combustion chamber. * Operated ANSYS steady state thermal and transient thermal simulation on an igniter geometry of Blue Steel (USC LPL) engine. Managing Variable energy storage output * Developed a cost and carbon footprint model for a cheaper and least carbon emitting battery storage by comparing among Li-ion battery, Redox Flow battery, Compressed Air Energy Storage and Natural Gas Turbine energy storage system using System Advisor Distributed vs Utility Photovoltaic Systems * Developed an empirical environmental model for distributed and utility photovoltaic systems considering long term applicability cost of deployment and environmental impacts for future carbon dioxide levels and temperature and extrapolating historic global power usage and historic temperature. Analysis of the effects of V-shaped dimples on NACA-0012 airfoil * Analyzed NACA 0012 symmetrical airfoil to increase lift coefficient near stalling angles and to overall improve the aerodynamic efficiency. * Designed and conducted experiments on NACA 0012 airfoil of 1m chord length with V-shaped dimple placed at 50% 60% 80% of chord length and an array of V-dimples between 40% and 50% of chord length.