Khalil B

Operations Manager - 13 Years of Experience - Near 66049


Operations Manager

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PROFILE * Self motivated and safety driven Chemical Engineer with 17+ years experience in Batch Processing. Possess strong analytical, communication, and relationship building skills. * Effective leader and communicator interfacing with Production/ Operations, R&D, Project Engineering, Environmental Health and Safety, Supply Chain Management, Sales and Contractors. * Responsible for many successful projects involving Batch Process Efficiency, Inventory Reduction, Industrial Ergonomics and Safety improvements. CAREER HIGHLIGHTS Leader of Lawrence Reliability Team focused on continuous improvements in efficiency and operations availability for Lawrence facility (2014 - Present). Developed an Excel based data tracking system for Silver Powder production. This system accurately tracks production output of the Silver Powder department, is used to log daily (manpower, shift, and maintenance) issues within the production area, and can be manipulated to produce vital information related to performance objectives and goals (2010). Leader on a continuous improvement Team focused on Inventory Reduction. Exceeded inventory reduction goals at the start of the 08/09 Fiscal Year, as well as surpassed more challenging goals established for the 2nd six month period of the 08/09 fiscal year. Inventory levels where reduced from 75000 gallons valued at $35 million to 34000 gallons valued at $10 million. Managed $150 K Capital project for line 7 upgrade in the Auto Catalysis division. This project reduced the required hold up of PGM washcoat ran on line 7 necessary to process a scheduled campaign. This project aided in the reduction of generated inventory. Accumulated data from this upgrade is planned to be applied to the modifications/upgrades on the remaining lines in Devon III facility (2009). Developed a Waste Generation Reduction effort for the Batch Process Department, which called for the return of Batched samples to compatible Batch systems. This programmed required the segregation of Washcoat Batch samples submitted to QC, the monitoring of accumulation of segregated material on the production floor, as well as its return to compatible material for reuse. This process saved the Washcoat Batching department an estimated $120 K per year (2008-2010). Implemented a system to use distillate water from the Wet Filmed Evaporator as DI in Pre-cursor Washcoat Batches Slurries. This process eliminated the need for tanker out this waste stream saving the Washcoat Batching Department ~ $30 K per year (2009-2010). Developed a schedule for the Batch Process Department that stream-lined the ordering of raw materials based on the Engineering Bill of Materials of Washcoat Batches. The production forecast of two weeks was inputted into the Batch Production schedule, and would calculate the required amount of raw material, and troy ounces of Precious Group Metals (PGM) to meet those demands (2002). Developed a process to re-use low ppm PGM coater rinse water as primary rinse water in successive coater cleaning for lot change over (2001). This process coupled with aggressive re-use of coater rinse water significantly reduce PGM rinse water inventory from 200 drums to 60 drums in a 6 month period.