Brian L

VP Sales and Marketing - 20 Years of Experience


Sales Manager


Silverthorne, CO

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Greetings! Thanks for taking the time get to know a little about my journey. I have spent the last twenty years passionately devoted to nurturing brands through partnership and sales development. It has brought me to a place that has left me grounded personally, and professionally. Fostering a brand from infancy, through development, to flourish in all its potential is much like watching a child grow through all the stages of life. There is sadness, excitement, smiles, and tears, feeling proud of the evolution has always been gratifying. Achievement does not come instantly, the integrity, development, steady proven growth over time, lifting your partners to success is the true progression. I have been in the event and branded business for 21 years. Iíve experienced nearly every aspect of the process from customer service, development, licensing, trade shows, National and International sales and marketing management, to training and managing 20 independent reps. It has allowed me to expand my vision through friendships and relationships, developing my assets successes through patients, and scaling. The ability to reach further into areas others felt were unattainable is where my sales approach differed in achievement. Having the freedom to expand opportunities in categories and accelerated pipelines that went unnoticed or were neglected drove me to grow when growth often felt stifled. None of our success could be enjoyed without those around us. I think back over the decades of accomplishments and see the faces that got me there. The packing team, product engineers, customer service representatives, the Cís, even a venture capitalist or two, they all play a part in delivering the experience. None of this would be capable without a power house sales force, and support staff. Having a TEAM that lives the passion that the brand was built on a fundamental necessity. Many of my TEAMS have been with me for my tenure, they represent not only the company vision, but driving the fine line between customer relationship, and friendship. I expect them to believe in the mantraÖnot just sell it! I look forward to the next chapter in my journey. Iím looking for a company that feels their brand is a living, breathing entity, that requires cultivation from foundation to delivery. My pursuit is to find an opportunity that has probability, and potential to develop into the experience Iíve had the pleasure of being a part of for 21 years. A company, a brand, that is looking for leadership to take them into the next level, the desire to be a game changer in their world. A brand that will peel the paint off a car, and leave a smile on the end users face! I look forward to further conversation how brand, body, and corporate culture can collide into an experience! Again, thanks for your time. Brian Lecklitner 970.389.6924