Jiaqi W

Software Engineer - 1 Years of Experience - Near 94107


Software Engineer


San Francisco, CA

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COVER LETTER: To whom it may concern , I am writing to express my interest in the position. I accept any other positions available at the company that you feel is a good fit. I am professional in software engineering and programming. Problem-solving ability and professional skill make me a capable programmer and team player. I have 7 years of coding experience in C++, C#, game development, web development, graphics rendering, and software engineering. I am especially familiar with game and web development. During my time at Purdue, I learned research methods and familiarized myself with new technologies. I proposed, designed and implemented a mobile virtual reality solution by taking advantage of gyroscope and accelerometer data. I made a 3rd person driving 3D game with Unreal Engine and a defense game in ACM Siggd Game Jam Competition. I learned CPU/GPU rendering and shading technologies, such as OpenGL, OpenCV, and 3D reconstruction. Before my graduate study, I was enrolled at Beihang University, one of the top 5 schools in China for Software Engineering. During undergrad, I got all A's in core courses, such as C++, Software Engineering, and Software Engineering process. I learn fast. In Purdue, I organized study groups to help my classmates with their projects each weekend. While building an online-ordering website using Eclipse Spring, I self-taught myself Java, JSP, Servlet, HTML5, CSS, and SQL Server 2008 in one week. I proposed to use Java Bean instead of Hibernate to simplify and enhance the development process. To improve user experience and maintainability, I learned and used ASP.Net and C# to redesign and revise the website with MVC framework within three weeks. It took me only two days to create a running cat game using Game Maker, before which I had never learned about the engine. I have a strong passion for game development and am very curious by nature. I believe that childhood dreams always drive people further than knowledge. In my perspective, a game is the combination of program and art, which will not only engage, surprise and delight players but will also be valuable in the market. My dream is to become a computer graphics programmer, with the ability and opportunity to turn cool game ideas into reality. I have a lot of experience in game development, especially educational games. While working as a research assistant for 2 years, I was responsible for designing and programming an educational game that helped students navigate their career paths. It was an adventure game that contains several mini-games. My professor hired me for an extended year after graduation. I co-founded a startup called MBAville, aiming to build a gamified textbook for business education. MBAville now has an extensible game system using XML mechanism. Thanks to this, content developers and programmers can work independently. As an intern in CIVS (Center for Innovation through Visualization and Simulation at Purdue Calumet, I was responsible for creating a game that allowed users to simultaneously collaborate in a virtual boiler environment. I used RPC for server-client communication and was the single point of responsibility for the project. Striving for an immersive user experience, I reformatted the project by introducing Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra. My work was highly appreciated by Professor Zhou, the director of CIVS and an article about the project with me as the first author was accepted by ASME 2014. I have extensive experience working in teams and really enjoy working with teammates from different backgrounds. The experience that I won the ACM Siggd competition with other artists and programmers verifies this. I have worked with artists, programmers, game designers and teammates from a business background. I strive to incorporate various perspectives to discover the best solutions with teammates. Volunteering experience in poverty and computer labs have helped me improve my communication. I'm grateful for your consideration. Thank you for reviewing my application. I can be reached by email ( or by phone (765-772-8365). I look forward to hearing back from you for the position. Sincerely, Jiaqi Wang