Calvin G

Application Support - 16 Years of Experience - Near 77379


Application Support


Spring, TX

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High School/GED

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COVER LETTER: Dear Sir/Madam OBJECTIVE: the opportunity to serve you and your interests as a GIS Specialist. In benefit to you, I am a results-driven, detailed oriented person who has: * Extensive experience providing GIS related data and services using ESRI ArcGIS Desktop and SDE with the skills to perform most any process to include: * Import, export, digitize, create, edit and transform spatial and related tabular data. * Register and rectify image data for inclusion as a layer or conversion for use as a grid dataset. * Perform a variety of geoprocessing tasks and analyses for displays, reports and other products. * Publish, manage, and administer data in enterprise systems such as SDE, Oracle, Postgres, etc. * Create map and map montages using advanced layout, rendering and complex labels. * Create and document workflows and provide automated processing solutions. * Create/Edit tools in the ArcGIS toolbox using Python and model builder. * Map legal descriptions in quarter calls and metes & bounds using QGIS tools * Manage spatial and tabular data in personal and file based geodatabases and SDE. * Create workflows in Modelbuilder. * Complete understanding of datums, projections and other coordinate reference systems to ensure coordinate data, computations and displays are accurate and precise. * Experienced in reading legal descriptions using land grids, quarter/quarter calls and metes & bounds. * Extensive SQL query skills to provide data analysis, spatial product creation, report generation, QC, inventory, reconciliation, etc. of most any data quickly and efficiently. * Strong Python scripting skills and familiarity with the ESRI API and others for creating custom tools, advanced labeling, automated map and report creation. * Capable of working in Linux and Windows platforms, several database systems and utilizing scanners, plotters and printers of all sizes. * Experience using vendor (IHS, PI Dwight, A2D, Tobin, P2, etc.) and government data sources (BOEM, BLM, etc.) using provided web forms, email, ftp, physical media or through self-authored scripts. * Intermediate to advanced skills using Microsoft Office (Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint) and SharePoint. I look forward to hearing from you and the opportunity to interview for this position. Thank you Calvin D Green