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Project Manager

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Qualifications Profile Highly organized, results-oriented, and accomplished professional, offering more than 20 years of experience in the information technology industry encompassing technology operations, infrastructure, and software/application development, data warehouse, and database conversion. Analytical leader, recognized for strategic and proactive management approach in building, developing, and directing effective cross-functional teams as well as optimizing processes to support company objectives. Expert at managing multimillion-dollar project execution from conception to completion while ensuring adherence to established specifications, budget, and deadline. Knowledgeable of Waterfall, Scrum, Agile, Waterfall\Agile Hybrid methodologies. Effective at establishing positive working relationships with all levels of individuals. Career Highlights: * Led and oversaw the conversion process of SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2013. * Played an instrumental role in the successful migration of customer-facing user-interface applications from an old tool to modern technology. Rovi (TEKsystems Contract) Tulsa, OK Project Manager 2014 - 2016 * Expertly developed project plans which involve objectives, milestone, staffing, schedule, risk identification, contingency plans, and resources. * Oversaw numerous large-scale projects while supervising cross-functional and geographically distributed teams across the United States and Asia-Pacific (APAC) countries to deliver quality infrastructure projects for the leading digital entertainment technology solution company. * Managed the LANDesk and Taos Salesforce Software Integration Project to enhance productivity and improve documentation process of all incidents. * Handled project to merge all applications into Tulsa Datacenter including Citrix, Remote Desktop Protocol, VMWare, SQL/Database, Windows Server, and software packages which included Cosmo, Ingest, Alist, Xlist, and Data Entry. * Communicated with senior technical stakeholders and executives to set project plans for operational infrastructure. * Displayed in-depth knowledge of datacenter and network infrastructure, build requirements, and capacity planning along with the ability to handle technical reviews of server room and network architecture. * Held responsibility in coordinating staff recruitment as well as allocating tasks and responsibilities. * Evaluated all monitoring and performance tools to achieve objective of greater efficiency and proactive response. * Rendered hands-on management in the construction of new production datacenter with a team of systems engineers, data base administrators, network engineers, and remote vendors. Career Highlights: * Successfully led the conversion and relocation of the following: * Research and analytics operation from Angoss Corporation to Tulsa Data Center which completed on time and surpassed company expectations * Office in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Andover, Massachusetts to a new office in Boston, Massachusetts * Ann Arbor Data Center to Tulsa, Oklahoma and * Customer facing data to AT&T Data Center in Plano, Texas and * Data center relocation from Radnor, Pennsylvania to Tulsa, Oklahoma which completed within deadline and exceeded all expectations. * Substantially increased corporate profitability by evaluating the use of all performance and monitoring tools within company. Career Highlights: * Successfully directed the execution and completion of the following project initiatives: * Software projects through product development life cycle to ensure timely and costly delivery of quality products * Initial project through Scrum methodology which subsequently incorporated to support civil union across several states * Transformation of all primary life Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to Java with additional software changes to host programs, stored procedures, and message queues which was completed within two years with 200 staff and $4M budget and * Migration of massive Java system from one technical platform to Vblock. * Significantly streamlined the request framework database response time, efficiency, and stability in partnership with database administrators. * Completed life application conversion project from Visual Basic to J2EE within three-year period valuing of $4M in project budget. * Gained recognition by enhancing corporate productivity through management of auto quote and purchase (AQP) that generated potential clients from * Surpassed client requirements and expectations by managing all life, health, agency and mutual fund projects within the agreed scope, quality, time, and cost. * Earned distinction by achieving the highest performance rate in 2010 for demonstrating strong work ethic and capability meet company expectations. * Received the Excellence Award for five projects. Earlier Positions Held: Implementation Coordinator Networking Analyst, Tulsa Operation Center Lead Technical Analyst Technical Analyst Operations Analyst





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