Murali k

System Engineer - 9 Years of Experience


System Engineer

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Experience Summary: * More than ten years of experience in Software analysis, design, development, testing, system administration, project management, implementation, support, training and trouble shooting * Strong expertise in design and development of applications using C, C++, Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, JDBC, EJB, XML, XPath XSLT, XSD, DOM WebLogic 7.0, 8.1, WebSphere 4.5, PowerBuilder 6.0 and PERL * Strong expertise in design tools such as UML, VISIO, ADW, IEW and ERWIN. * Strong expertise in prototyping, Object oriented analysis, design and development methodologies. Worked in an organization having achieved CMM level 5 * Proficiency in Korn, Bourn, C Shell, PERL, TCL and Windows Scripting * Proficiency in developing embedded systems, Client, Server, Network and socket programming, in UNIX and Solaris environment. * Proficiency in preparing Design documents using VISIO and ADW 1.4 case tools. * Experience in developing Computer graphics based system using OpenGL, OpenAL and STL libraries * Strong system administration capability in UNIX, Linux, Solaris and Windows 95/98/ NT/ 2000/XP environment. * Extensive experience in developing operating system modules such as interrupt handling, dead lock detection and pre-emptive multi-tasking in Unix environment * Very Good experience in designing complex applications using object oriented methodologies by creating use cases, class, interaction and sequence diagrams and recognizing design patterns. * Extensive experience in developing dynamic web based user interfaces using HTML, XML, XSLT and JavaScript. * Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. * Extensive experience in Multi Threaded Programming using VC++, Java.