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Computer Programmer

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Career Highlights 2012 - Present - Self-employment and continued development of various software and hardware security and communications systems that are of specific use to NGOs working in difficult locations (see Employment Experience below). Development of various hardware & software interfaces to Raspberry-Pi, Arduino, Android, and Linux mobile/embedded devices. 2009 - 2012 - Continued development, implementation, and support of secure distributed & non-distributed communications systems as a side job while employed full time. 2007 - 2008 - Designed and implemented secure, distributed communications environment on 3 continents for providing secure global communications between end-users, incorporating voice, video, data, and desktop sharing/presentation systems. 2006 - 2007 - Designed and implemented total restructuring and redesign of a datacenter to serve an organization with 120 local users, 14 physical servers, and 20 VMWare virtual servers. 2005 - Wrote a package for secure remote access utilizing SSH2-based tunnels, VNC-based source code, and RSA SecurID key tokens, to simplify the task of securely & selectively allowing remote users into their office PC's. 2004 - Authored the feature article of the June 2004 print issue of "Sys Admin Magazine" (now Dr. Dobbs Journal) on a computation cluster-manager package that I created, TKCluster. Article available from the publisher at:* articleID=199101858&queryText=cluster 2004 - Wrote a complete point-of-sale, website, and inventory control management system, featuring the ability to take an end-node POS terminal "on the road" to trade/sales shows and return to fully synchronize invoice & inventory transactions with the head-end server. This system has been successfully deployed and is still in use on my TKCluster package, as described in the above article. 2002 - 2003 - Authored a number of white papers for senior management on various technologies, and highlighted the practical implementation of them within the organization. 2001 - Wrote web-based system for automating the construction of data-loader processes. This allowed users to submit sample data, select source columns & rows from the sample, and the software created a Perl script which would automatically parse and insert the data appropriately into the target Oracle database. 2001 - Wrote data analysis algorithm for adjusting & compensating for miscalibrations in silicon wafer test-set equipment. 1999 - Designed and implemented Linux/MOSIX-based computational cluster for software product builds.