Yosef B

Customer Service Manager - 19 Years of Experience - Near 94520


Customer Service Manager


Concord, CA

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Qualifications Extensive background in the semiconductor industry leading customer/technical support in domestic and international markets * project management * out of the box solutions for customer needs * Over 17 years of customer service experience working with clients like: IBM, Intel, Motorola, Applied Materials Provide IT consulting and IT support services to businesses in the Tel-Aviv grater area * Provide support for Microsoft technologies including Windows and Office * Provide on-site assistance with hardware software and firewalls * Provide full support in IP and network sharing configuration Headquarters Office) * Manage employment documentation and data for 100 person company with 25 locations in San Francisco bay area Identify prioritize and route issues to the proper manager the IRS and local government Home Office) Responsible for all business development including growing existing accounts providing ongoing client support and directing all marketing and outreach to prospects * Oversee and manage a team of seven * Provide project management inclusive of maintaining and tracking inventory and supplies addressing client requests and issues and ensuring successful completion of all contracts Headquarters) - Headquarters) Supplier of high-end probe card test and analysis equipment in the semiconductor industry * Performed and managed installations worldwide and oversaw equipment upgrades * Provided preventative maintenance work at customer sites as well as remotely * Performed software and hardware upgrades * Provided on-going customer training Thermo Fisher (Formerly Oryx Instruments) - Field Service Engineer Supplier of high-end ESD (Electro Static Discharge) testing equipment in the semiconductor industry * Performed and managed installations worldwide * Performed mechanical and electrical assembly * Tested components before integration Provided customer training equipment troubleshooting and upgrading preventative maintenance Navigation sensors products Responsible for expediting units from assembly through shipping * Supervised a five-person manufacturing team * Prototyped assembly for auto and defense products Medical oncology systems Responsible for all phases of assembly and test * Performed a wide variety of complex electronic and electromechanical assembly tasks