Samuel C

System Administrator - 20 Years of Experience - Near 21666


Project Manager

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Trade School

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Summary of qualifications 1968 - 2017 Forty-seven (47)+ years Design, Systems Administration and Project/Project Management experience in the light to medium manufacturing areas including tool and dies, process equipment, sheet metal, pollution control systems, residential homes, hydro-electric generation, industrial robotics and hard automation, underwater systems and IT / Project Administration and Management. Thirty-three (35) years of Computer Systems Administration, IT / Project/Program Engineering / Management, network redesign and architecting for local and remote site functionalities including Engineering Documentation control solutions incorporating PCs, ComputerVisions CGOS200X, CDS4201, Xerox, HP and SUN Microsystems based systems. Including such Operating Systems (OS) as: CGOS, PCNFS, DOS, WIN95/98/ME/XP/2000, NT, UNIX (SunOS / SOLARIS/ORACLE, AIX, IRIX, HP-UX) and LINUX (RedHat). And such applications as: CADDS4, CADDS4X, CADDS5, THEDA, SCHEDIT, NC, Robographics, wireframes, solids, parametric, EDM (OPTEGRA), Oracle, SQL, TOTALNET, MENTOR, CADANCE, ProE, Xeroxs Virtual Printroom, Plotworks PLP software, Wicks & Wilson Scanning, Imagecenter16 / 32 image editing software, WebSphere, MicroStrategy, SunOne. Responsible for the physical maintenance and repair of ComputerVisions proprietary platforms, Motorola systems, standard desktop PCs, SUN/Oracle Microsystems equipment beginning with the SUN SPARC 1 workstation and continuing through SUN 240s, 245s, 440s, 470s, 480s, 490s, 6500s, T2000, T5120, T5240, Enterprise 450, 3000 and SUN Fire server systems including 10K, 15K and 25K units, including all peripherals such as ADIC, EMC and Compellent SAN systems, tape libraries, StorageTEK and ADIC tape backup subsystems, disk storage arrays, printers, plotters, etc. Additional experience includes the generation of specifications, evaluation, purchasing, installation, system configuration in accordance with site requirement definitions, monitoring, security, backups, (including VERITAS/Symantec (BackUP Exec and NetBackUp) and in-house generated applications), debugging of hardware/software configurations, physical maintenance, software loading, evaluation and updating, and training of end users and UNIX technicians, Xerox scanners, printers and plotters, and Wicks & Wilson aperture card scanners. Responsible for the creation, installation and maintenance of several LANs and a WAN that interfaced with the WWW via corporate controlled DNS and mail routers including the use of the SOLARIS mail routing software known as SMTP. Scripting experiences include cshell, bash, Bourne, korn, Bourne-again and Perl (listed in order of use). Additional experiences include that of DR (Disaster Recovery) and COOP (COntinuance of OPeration) planning and development incorporating various methods and procedures, Preformed ISSO (Information System Security Officer) functions for US Government components. Also trained as an auditor in ISO and CMMI Level III methodologies