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Family or General Practitioner

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COVER LETTER: My name is Agnes Kallon-Momoh, it is with great interest that I am responding to the advertisement for a nurse practitioner position. I believe that my 9 years experience in the hematology oncology field and family practice makes me the ideal candidate for this position. I first worked at Georgetown hospital for over 20 years in nursing career. As I graduated from the masters program at Howard University, I initially worked at the Lombardi Cancer center as a clinical coordinator. I continued on as a Nurse Practitioner in an outpatient clinic that specializes on in Hematology Oncology. On weekends, I worked in a family practice setting seeing patients for various medical conditions from ages 10 to geriatric. I will be moving to the Columbus Ohio area before the new school year. I seeking employment in an ambulatory care center, outpatient clinic or hospital setting. My resume attached with this application, aptly reflects my education, work experience, licenses and performance record. As a nurse practitioner and with my over 20 years of nursing experience in ICU, MICU, PACU, emergency room and surgical background has helped me identify physical findings, interpret labs values and review imaging studies to make the correct diagnosis. I have years of computer skills with the use of various electronic medical records. Design and implement chemotherapy treatment regimens base on NCCN guidelines. Educating and counseling patients receiving chemotherapy, bio-therapy drugs, hydration and other drugs in the infusion center. Performing history and physical assessments, managing hematological malignancies with supportive therapies as well as prescribing and managing side effects. I have the ability to adapt quickly to fast-paced and demanding work environment with exceptional time management skills. After reviewing my attached resume, I am sure you will agree that I have all the skills, experience and education required for this job. Agnes Kallon-Momoh 6710 Albany Woods Blvd New Albany Ohio 43054 Phone: 240-691-9840 OBJECTIVE: A qualified certified Nurse Practitioner with 9 years experience in direct care in an ambulatory care center seeing hematology oncology private practice. With a strong clinical, interpersonal and leadership skills, I am seeking a positive in a medical facility to give high quality care. Hematology Oncology Practice with Chitra Venkatraman, Greenbelt MD Nurse Practitioner August 2009 - present. Worked with a diverse population with hematological malignancies under the collaborations with 2 physicians. Conduct and obtain medical history from cancer patients and performing physical examinations as well as provide preventive health measures. Makes diagnosis and orders appropriate work-up to prescribe medication/treatment plans base on NCCN guidelines in collaboration with a physician. Orders and interprets labs values, review radiology reports and make clinical decisions and managements during clinical visits or prior to chemotherapy treatment. Design and implement various treatment plans base on NCCN guidelines. Educate and counseled patient and family to all aspects of cancer, treatment plan and chemotherapy side effects. Adjust, monitor and update treatment plans base on lab values, side effects and changes in imaging studies. Manage patients on anti-coagulation therapies for PE and DVT. Supervises, educate nurses and ancillary staff to administered biotherapy, chemotherapy, hydration and other drugs while monitoring patient's reaction and chemotherapy side effects. Provide direct patient care with Rheumatologic disorder, Multiple Sclerosis, Iron Deficiency Anemia's, Sickle Cell Disease and any hematological malignancies. With prescriptive authority, pain management is a crucial role in cancer patients. Fit for life Medical Services with Dr. Dawne Carroll Nurse Practitioner June 2012 - Present Worked autonomously with a scribe to conduct physical examinations, reviewing laboratory reports and diagnostic imaging studies to make the right diagnosis. Obtains medical history to ensure patient information, visit history, refer outs, lab follow up, phone calls and consults. Completed document in the electronic medical record. Treat common conditions, provide screenings, interventions counseling and prescribing medications needed to the patient. Help patient manage their well being with yearly physicals, vaccinations, pap-smear or well visits. LHI June of 2015 with Stacy Santiago Triage and performing physicals examination for Military personnel's returning from combat missions through LHI. Identifies any physical, mental disabilities or injuries to determine the plan of care or initiate the referral process base on the military guidelines. Ordered labs, radiology or other procedures.