Aamir A

Manager - 19 Years of Experience - Near 19720


Help Desk Specialist

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Summary: Managerial * Led 9 analysts-Fashioned Helpdesk Run Book and procedural manual-attained input/review from company Incident Manager-all 9 subordinates trained in acceptable policies * Handled full Life Cycle tier 1 support for client-optimized their business and technical applications created 82 distinct procedures authored statistical reports-cultivated client growth as seen by an increase of support calls from 800 to 1800 calls per month * Interfaced with client and local management-responded to immediate daily, weekly, and monthly inquires guided workforce to resolve these issues quickly-created appropriate environment to maintain excellent customer relations * Analyzed and presented statistics on monthly call activities-generated data using Cisco Unified Tools and reviewed to insure that Service Level Agreement goal of 90% or more was met-attained or exceeded goal for 19 out of 22 months while in position * Provided 4 outside clientele with IT Infrastructure support-translated requirements, attained local sub-contractor support, managed local sub-contractor operations and billing for clients-enabled JDRF to operate its fundraising and research activities * Oversaw 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level support-quality controlled and analyzed/planned/migrated legacy ticket system interacted and reported to 3 departments authored Standard Operating Procedures backed up and recovered system-full spectrum support on-site Technical * Rebuilt Helpdesk for environmental redevelopment firm-authored first procedure/policy manual performed PC/Network administration integrated disassociated Helpdesk functions-turned vendors view positively toward externally subcontracting IT support despite past negative experience * Provide 1st level support-remotely logged into PCs to ran virus clean ups, windows updates, granted user access-increased the run times and safety of network * Centralized State IT services-trained two different State run helpdesks to understand each other's end user base requirements-paved the way for state to consolidate support from two different contractors into one. * Delivered 1st level support-fixed issues remotely using Go2assist or Dameware-facilitated company execute patent law * Performed 1st level support-remotely logged into PCs to ran virus clean ups, windows updates, granted user access-increased the run times and safety of network * Converted manufacturer windows/doors paper catalogs into electronic format-wrote code using BASIC provided tech support of electronic catalogue-allowed vendors to provide more efficient way of ordering


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Goldey Beacom College Computer Information Systems 1992 Bachelor Degree