JianPing Y

Software Engineer


Software Engineer

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Summary * BS & MS in Software Engineering. * Rich experience on software development and strong capability to provide IT solutions to customers. * Strong cross-platform C/C++/C#/JAVA etc. programming skills with system administration experience. * Open minded and a problem-solver and a responsible team player. * Successfully delivered 20 products + 6 engineering tools. * Exposed to Agile software development methodologies coupled with the SDLC and SOLID OOD Principle. Qualification and Technical Expertise * Software design: Feature design using deign pattern and SOLID OOD Principles. * Software Test: Design automation framework in C#/JAVA and execute in VBS/Python script. * Software development: Solid C/C++/C#/JAVA programming, debugging and trouble shooting skills. * DB and data modeling: Experienced MS SQL implementation as well as developed SQL stored procedure to collect feature customer telemetry data. Experienced using SSDT tool for BI's data analytic service. * Web development/RESTful API in Cloud computing: Experienced with highly scalable SaaS online service from on premise stand to cloud computing. Implemented JSON conversion against HTTP web request/response and REST API calls for mobile user/device's authentication and resource access. * Production life-cycle support: Implemented stable product deployment, test infrastructure to support BVT/PERF/Security test as well as the full automation set for globalized product environment. * Globalization/Localizability/Localization: Drove the production's international team on configurable build/test/deployment process to meet demanding international market. * Technologies and paradigms: OOD/OOP, TDD, Socket programming, Multitasking/Multithreading, concurrency processing, COM/SDK/JDK/BASH programming and VSTS/TFS/IntelliJ/Eclipse/PyDev. * Enterprise frameworks and Pipelines: .NET/ASP.NET/JUnit/TestNG/GTest framework & BAMBOO/JENKINS pipelines.