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Human Resource Training Specialist


Miami, FL

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Summary: Performed Training Need Analysis (TNA) and recommended appropriate performance interventions to close identified knowledge gaps. Designed and implemented skill-transfer strategies to encourage employees to apply new skills back in their workplace. Worked in unison with stakeholders and subject matter experts (SME's) to define scope, objectives, deliverables, performance indicators and evaluation system for special projects. Increased 90% customer satisfaction by redesigning service's core processes. Produced5- DACUM Job Occupational Analyses to avoid duplication of activities. Employed ADDIE System to devised organization's orientation training-suite. Curriculum Analyst and Designer. DACUM Facilitator Summary: Provided technical assistance and curriculum development consulting services to the National Technological Hydrocarbon Institute (ITHNGE) and HESS Corp in Equatorial Guinea, West Africa. Collaborated with a selected group of technical professionals identified as leaders in the Petrochemical field to identify the required KSA's for the Electrical and the Mechanical Engineers as well as the Logistics Manger within the petrochemical industry. Performed GAP Analysis to identify current vs. desired state among 10 selected engineers from HESS, Mobil and Shell. Identified project's data- collection methods, scope, duration, outputs, human and material resources, success indicators and final deliverables. Conducted 3 DACUM-job-analysis sessions and generated data-charts and curricula recommendations for above positions. Training and Human Performance Specialist Summary: Provided organizational development support to middle-size company to build an appropriate business structure. Conducted training needs analysis (TNA) and organizational gap analysis to recommend cost-effective and sustainable staff performance interventions. Matched training work-place learning (WPL) activities to organizational goals and objectives. Planned and led organizational culture change program. Applied DACUM system to update company's job descriptions. Employed ADDIE System to deliver custom-tailored learning solutions. Recommended suitable internal and/or external training resources to meet organization's needs, i.e. individual or group, lecture, simulation, workshop, on-the-job training, etc. Performed bi-monthly post-training evaluations to compare results against original plan. Professional and Organizational Development Specialist Summary: Performed Organizational Needs Assessment to identify areas of improvement. Designed Organization's training matrix and curricula. Applied DACUM System to produce 12 detailed Job Analysis Charts to avoid duplication of activities. Collaborated with organization's Programs, Human Resources, Accounting and Finance managers to develop staff performance initiatives, i.e. employee performance evaluations, task-verification methods, job updating, individual coaching and training sessions. Identified measurable performance indicators at the outset of each performance improvement initiative to evaluate their impact upon the organization. Solicited, evaluated, and selected vendors for organization's events. Applied Organizational Capacity Assessment to funded organizations to identify levels of organizational growth and capacity building needs. Training and Development Specialist Summary: Trained public and private transportation services providers regarding Miami-Dade County's public transportation regulations. Employed Rapid Appraisal Methods (RAM), i.e. key Informant Interviews, focus groups, group interviews, structured observations and internal surveys to collect data to tailor training activities like training topics, duration, frequency, intensity as well as training methods and costs. Developed and established standardized methods and procedures for in-house training activities, i.e. delivery, evaluation of impact of learning efforts upon organization. Designed comprehensive learning and human performance tools in the following areas, i.e. Customer service, Time Management, Meeting Effectiveness. Training and Development Specialist Summary: Designed, planed, organized and directed training for employees and funded agencies on county's health initiatives within the Miami-County area. Utilized ADDIE System to execute and tailor company's training curricula to realize Family Central's mission and goals. Identified organization's core desired skills and behaviors to develop work-place learning activities. Trained potential grant applicants on grant revision and program funding processes. Reviewed and evaluated program proposals to made recommendations for funding.