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Electronics Engineer


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COVER LETTER: Larry D. May (858) 405 4667 RF Engineering Technician 8/15/2017 To whom it may concern, I am pleased to note that I have at least three years experience working for Nokia in manufacturing testing of cell phone performance testing as an Associate RF Engineer and eight years as an associate RF engineer with UCSD school of medicine developing RF instrumentation for MRIs and two years working for Microwave Systems as a manufacturing Sustainability Engineer and 1 year with Mimix Broadband as an RF Engineer for manufacturing and eight years working for the National Radio Observatory as a front end test and troubleshooting Tech Specialist. I have tested and repaired RF circuits to component level, including RF amplifiers ranging from ultra low noise to high power, oscillators, Synthesizers, mixers, filters, matching circuits, AM, SSB, Pulse, FM and quadrature through QAM 256 detectors and modulators. for communications, Telemetry and radar applications at frequencies from LF through mm bands. I have tuned RF circuits for pass band, rejection and matching. I have set up test systems for measuring "S" parameters, Linearity, Power, IM, Frequency, Modulation, Stability, Noise Figure, Phase locked loops and filter response. I have performed rework on through hole, surface mount to fine grid and wire bond dies. I have an Associate Degree in Electronic Technology with 3.7 GPA and have even trained in clean room microfab processes of semiconductors and recently completed training on semiconductor optical and electron microscopy preparation and operation. I have worked as a sustainability and failure mode analysis and reliability prediction engineer in microwave production facilities and have also tested in anechoic chambers as well as screen rooms. Have troubleshot and resolved complex data acquisition problems of experimental RADAR system for U.S. Navy. I have programmed in several computer languages including Lab-View. I am retired but need to continue working both for income and for satisfaction of work. I have exceptional trouble shooting, problem solving and repair and tuning capability. I am interested in first or second shift regular full time employment. I would be very cost and performance effective. Sincerely, Larry D. May (858) 405 4667