Dale D

Supply Chain Manager - 15 Years of Experience - Near 38018


Supply Chain Manager


Cordova, TN

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Accomplishments Program Manager: * Used analytical skills to develop and implement policies, and procedures to manage annual cohorts of 300 plus participants by tracking travel and relocation activities and budget status resulting in zero overpayments and accurate accounting of individual participant allowance status. * Ensured effective use of program funds by ensuring travel and relocation expenses were properly validated per program policies and benefit authorizations. * Operate in a virtual company on a remote team. * Developed linked Excel spreadsheets to monitor activity status, to include individual activity, status of bids, status of Site Visit progress, status of relocation activity, and tracking of invoice/expense reports to provide program status. Solutions Analyst: * Developed and executed the User Acceptance Test, allowing system to be accepted on schedule. * Provided critical input that allowed streamlining of process in the follow-on software application, making the product both more efficient and user friendly. * Interpreted requirements successfully to develop rapport between SAVI Technology and their Army client resulting in a solution that fit the customer's needs and requirements. * Face of developer on client site, operating in a Matrixed team environment, directing work of specialists to address specific tasks to be resolved Business Process Analyst: * Developed CONUS based Node Arc network as core tool for analyzing end to end intermodal supply chain issues using QGIS, Microsoft Visio, and Excel. Created a unique method of viewing transportation networks, a single integrated network instead of traditional single mode views. * Identified, defined, and staffed key joint logistics terms for inclusion in the first Joint Logistics Lexicon for the Army Director of Logistics (G4) * Provided critical information necessary for acceptance of SM21 deliverables on Force Protection, Trade Compliance Security Considerations, the Military Seabase Concept, and Revision of the program Initial Concept Document into a current Operational Capabilities Document that defined project scope and objectives. * Developed model of installation deployment that became Army G-4 standard to represent installation deployment processes. Recent Experience Highlights