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Aviation Inspector

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LEARN, THEN EXCEL AS A LEAD MECHANIC: PERMANENTLY SOLVE PROBLEMS WHILE PROVIDEING RESOURCES TO OPTIMIZE THE PRODUCTION PROCESS AND THE WORKFORCE USING PROVEN LEADERSHIP SKILLS EXACT PRIOR EXPERIENCE: A-10C F-15C/D/E F-16 Blocks 32/42/52 INSPECTION SECTION PRODUCTION LEAD (40 HRS/WK., First Shift) * Guided Aircraft "Dock "Chiefs and their mechanics through the complex inspection/repair process within a Bargaining Unit contract operation. * Ensured safety (e.g. PPE), technical data usage/adherence, and company maintenance policy was strictly followed or used respectively Result* Zero relative failed Quality Assurance reports * Liaised F-15 C/D/E Depot Field Teams' (OEM) integration into our Aircraft Inspection process to maximize aircraft's return to service on a strict timeline while the team completed their work. * Developed procedures to standardize basic Phase functions between aircraft "Docks" systemically improved structural repairs priority processes between differing type aircraft with limited structural mechanics without productivity loss. (Did more with less) * Developed in-process quality program-zero major repairs incurred late in business process. * Delivered TOP QUALITY aircraft on time and in most cases Fully Mission Capable (FMC). * Developed/employed Standard Operating Procedures to take care of the small stuff. Enabled renewed focus on and subsequently obliterated critical path production obstacles * Changed critical path process by repairing structural defects that precluded the initial application of hydraulic pressure FIRST. This reduced the critical path production time by one to three days, (defect dependent) by performing hydraulic leak and operational checks earlier in the critical path process * Researched and processed numerous depot-level engineering assistance requests (T.O. 00-25-107) In most cases, depot engineers permitted our intermediate-level maintenance operation to perform depot-level [primarily structural] aircraft repairs, e.g. vertical stabilizer leading edge torque box dent repair of a gridlock torque box (first ever such repair) * I can reach very deep into technical data and the maintenance process (es) to solve problems QUALIFICATION HIGHLIGHTS * USAF Veteran - E-8 with 28 yrs service-proven record of excellence and continuous improvement * Veteran Entrepreneur: started new business to perform aviation maintenance via federal contracts * 30 years supervisory experience throughout aircraft maintenance realm + 5 years oversight * 15 yrs line maintenance, 10+ yrs program management experience-6 years' logistics mgmt. * 3 years Superintendent Government Contract Oversight of [5] aircraft maintenance/supply contracts * 3 years Contract Service Contract Act Aircraft Quality Control Inspector (Contractor) * 3 years of multiple MDS aircraft inspection, repair, checkout, return-to-service production experience * Very robust quality assurance, contract admin, aircraft maintenance, aircraft maintenance mgmt. background * Active DoD secret and F-22 program security clearance since 2006 / 2007 respectively RELEVANT ATTRIBUTES, HARD and SOFT SKILLS * Solves tough issues first and permanently. Sensible in policy, change and risk mgmt. * Diverse: fits into/performs in any organization-excelled in 7 USAF positions in 6 years-promoted! * Minimizes resistance to organizational change with logic, influence and positive reinforcement * Very well versed in government regulatory requirements-leadership reaps compliance * Garners compliance through respect, persuasion-concrete inspection methodology, not nit-picky * Excels in challenging, pressure-packed environments, exceptional attention to detail=excellence * Guaranteed professional relationships w/ oversight body-business stays focused on operations * 15+ yrs MS Office Suite user MS Windows user since 3.1 expert technical writer graduate student