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SUMMARY OF EXPERIENCE Mr. Strieper has over thirty years of diversified process engineering experience in the nuclear, chemical, and food processing industries. He has supervised or been involved in the startup and/or operation of various nuclear facilities including Medical Isotope Production, nuclear fuel reprocessing, and conversion of Uranium solutions to Uranium Oxides. He has also been involved in the start-up and operation of a first of a kind chemicals from carbohydrates (Corn Starch as a starting material with the products being petroleum substitutes) plant and a High Fructose Corn Syrup plant. As a plant process engineer, he provided support for the day-to-day operations of a chlorine-caustic plant that included the debottlenecking of an anhydrous caustic plant. He has also completed fault tree analysis in a hydrogen sulfide plant to ensure the continued safety of operations. SIGNIFICANT EXPERIENCE: Managed a group of ten maintenance work planners who were responsible for putting together work packages for all major maintenance work. These work packages included detailed procedures for the maintenance craft personnel performing the work in the field required work permits and final acceptance criteria for the completion of the work. Responsible for performing Operational Readiness Reviews to ensure that the Uranium Solidification Facility (USF) was ready to operate. This review covered operating and maintenance procedures operator and supervisor qualifications safety documentation equipment status training programs and management programs. All of the areas had to be fully in place to grant permission for USF to operate. Managed a group used for dissolution of spent navy nuclear fuel. Responsible for the chemical dissolution of the Zirconium clad spent fuel from the nuclear navy. Set flowsheet requirements and instrumentation setpoints based on which type of navy fuel was to be dissolved. Also was responsible for the computer monitoring and instrumentation in the facility. The computer monitoring consisted of two independent computer systems. One was the Data processing system, which monitored the process for normal operation and the other, was the Plant Protective System which monitored all of the safety related functions and would shut down the process if any safety limits were reached. Responsible for ensuring operators understood the operating parameters for the Hydrofluoric acid dissolution of the fuel. SHIFT FOREMAN III of ten operators who performed the day-to-day operations at the Fluorinel and Storage Facility (FAST). Operations consisted of a spent fuel storage basin transfer of fuel to the FAST dissolvers from the storage basin dissolution of the fuel complexing of the resulting dissolver solution (rendering the fluoride ion non corrosive by the addition of Aluminum Nitrate) and preparing the resultant solution for solvent extraction for the recovery of Uranium. Responsible for ensuring operators maintained qualifications to operate facility as well as maintaining supervisory qualifications.