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COVER LETTER: To whom it may concern, I am pleased to submit my resume for the position of Editor & Translator Coordinator. Given my background as a Quality Control/Supervisor/Translator and in assisting (ICE/ATF/DEA/FBI) Federal Agents Investigators as a Supervisor/Linguist Analyst and experience in interpreting, translating and handling confidential materials I feel I am in a great position to make a significant contribution to your firm. Throughout my entire career, I have demonstrated consistent success applying aptitudes as a leader and pioneer to achieve high-reaching standards and goals. Please consider the following highlights from my resume: * Reviewed, analyzed and transcribed sensitive documents/audios. * Successfully supervised over 800 employees nationwide. * Government cleared (ICE, ATF, FEMA, DOJ) * Tri-lingual (Spanish, English, Italian) * Provided employees feedback and conducted individual and group training sessions * Coordinated/Presented weekly and daily reports to Special Federal Case Agents * Maximized customer satisfaction and revenue goals by developing effective sales and marketing strategies To further acquaint you with my skills & experience, all of my work experiences have involved a high level of customer relation services for both, national, and international clients. During the phase of my interpreting experience, I supervised Title III Projects for Homeland Security and ATF as a Supervisor/Linguist Intelligence Analyst. This new stage helped me developed my knowledge, skills, and leadership that are required to oversee management programs. I also have profuse experience as a Quality Control Supervisor, where I over viewed over 800 interpreters nation-wide. We utilized new techniques to improve the performance of our employees, as well as managing and training large groups, in addition to one-on-one coaching. I would be pleased to speak with a member from your team to further explore how my background will make a valuable addition to your firm. Thank you for reviewing this letter and the attached document. Sincerely, Christian Lanazca