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Medical Scientist

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Profile: Professional in Clinical Research with Extensive Medical Knowledge and Academic Research Experience Summary of Qualifications Clinical Research Skills * Graduated with Master Degree in Clinical Investigation Sciences, with knowledge and experience in clinical research, clinical trials design, IRB application, informed consent writing, protocol design, and data analysis. As well as knowledge in epidemiology and public health. * Experience and knowledge of Biostatistics software (R, SAS, SPSS). * Knowledge of data management software: Unix and MySQL. * Knowledge of clinical drug and device development, ICH and other regulatory guidelines. * Medical school graduate with clinical knowledge, certified by ECFMG * Ph.D in Physiology, more than ten years' experience in scientific research with proven accomplishment and success in study initiation, design, coordination, analysis and paper publication. * Has published in peer-reviewed papers in medical journals and presented research findings in scientific conferences. * Enthusiastic, dedicated and organized, with strong attention to detail. * Effective communicator, able to build relationships with individuals from diverse backgrounds and organizational levels. * Fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese, American Citizen. Laboratory Research Skills * Initiate and organize the research projects * Data organize and analyze * Report and present the project progress to the PI and also present in the academic meetings. * Detailed laboratory skills: Page 1 Jianzhu Luo MD, PhD, MSc 1) Electrophysiology study: myocytes contractility and calcium transient assessment (Ionoptix myocyte study system) 2) Histology: Tissue cutting and embedding, Immunofluorescence, immunohistochemistry, laser confocal image acquirement and image analyze using software 3) Mitochondrial isolation and mitochondrial permeability transition study 4) Molecular and Cellular Biology: Protein extraction, Western Blot, Immunoprecipitation ELISA, RNA extraction, nucleic acid electrophoresis, gene cloning and transfection, gene amplify, PCR cell proliferation, migration study, et al. 5) Small animal surgical procedure: Osmotic minipump implantation surgery 6) Flowcytometry: working knowledge and operation 7) Cell culture: primary cell and cell line 8) Cardiac stem cell isolation, sorting and expanding 9) Myocyte (from mouse and rat) isolation and culture 10) Cell toxicity: LDH, CK measurement and Research Projects