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Construction & Building Inspector

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Summary: Over 30 years' professional experience in the Surveying and construction management and civil works inspection, in the participation and development of multiples Projects Industrials mainly in the Oil, gas and petrochemical industries, including upstream facilities, pipelines, tanks and process plants. Extensive experience in Metallurgical Plants, Aluminum, Construction and Rehabilitation of Dams, Forestry, Power Plants and factories, as well as, roads construction, infrastructure and buildings. CEO, founder and owner of TOPCON, C.A. in Puerto Ordaz Bolívar State Venezuela, with circa 13.3 million $ invoiced in different projects of construction, surveying and engineering services in the last 25 years. I am eager to show with a lot humbly that with, my capacity, competence, maturity, and enthusiasm I am sure could contribute positively to the success of some prestigious Company. Areas of expertise and experience: Industrial assembly of equipment, bulk transportation systems, stackers and Reclaimers Materials, conveyor band systems, rails, overhead crane, and beams lanes, Industrial metrology, machinery alignments, deformation measurements. Construction As Built Plans, Quantity Calculations and material Stockpile Quantifications, Construction Layout, Civil Water&Sewer Infrastructure Construction. Industrial Construction: Industrial Plants, Factories, Terminals, Docks, Dam Rehabilitation. Construction of housing solutions, buildings and homes, roads Construction and Urbanism. Civil Engineer, Land Surveyor Pedro Hernández Jun- 2017 2 de 4 Transportation and urban planning, earthworks, industrial buildings, foundations, piles, installation of machinery and equipment. I led with passion and optimism, a group of employees, technicians, surveyors, engineers, draftsman AutoCAD, civil designers, about an average of 25 persons per the last 20 years. We managed to become a cohesive and effective team to successfully deal with each and every one of the Projects in which we participate since 1992. Key Industries served by TOPCON, C.A. in: Refinery, Oil& Gas, Steel manufacturing, Steel Primary Metals, Industrial Services for Power Generation, Water Transmission Infrastructure, Dam Rehabilitation, State and Municipal Government. Among the most relevant companies & industries between 1992 and 2016, I can proudly mention: * Petroleos de Venezuela- PDVSA Venezuela / Contractor geodesy and surveying services. PDVSA is Venezuela's National Oil Company, It has the largest heavy oil reserves in the world and is a major oil producer 2.8 MMBD with exploration, production and facilities all over the country. * Metallurgical Industries: Siderúrgica Nacional, C.A., Ternium Sidor Grupo Techint, Planta de Tubos sin Costura, C.A. Tenaris Tavsa Grupo Techint, Matesi Grupo Techint, Orinoco Iron- Posven, Raytheon, Comsigua Complejo Siderúrgico de Guayana - Direct Reduced Iron Plant (DRI), OPCO Operaciones al Sur del Orinoco. * Processing Plant of Bauxite & Alumina: C.V.G.Interalumina, Bauxilum, Venalum, C.V.G.Alcasa. * National Electric Service Company : C.V.G. Edelca, Electrificación del Caroní - Caroní River o Dams Rehabilitation: Guri, Macagua. Dams Construction: Caruachi, Tocoma / Professional surveying services bathymetry, engineering & civil construction. * C.V.G. Corporación Venezolana de Guayana. Department of Engineering & Construction. o Professional surveying services, engineering & civil construction. * C.V.G. Ferrominera del Orinoco (FMO) - Industry, processing and trading of iron ore. Professional surveying services engineering & civil construction. o HEVENSA, Hornos Eléctricos de Venezuela - Industry of Ferrous Materials. /surveying services. * FERROVEN, Ferrosilicio Venezolano - Industry of Ferrosilicio. * Saint Gobain Cadeca - Industry of Ceramics Materials. Others Private companies: * Consorcio Megavatio // Thermoelectric Project// Thermoelectric Power Plant, Plants "A" & "B", Sidor Plant Topographic support in construction phase. Puerto Ordaz Bolívar State, Venezuela. 2010 - 2011 * Odebrecht: Constructora Norberto Odebrecht // Second Bridge over "Orinoco River" / Puerto Ordaz Bolívar State, Venezuela. Topographic support in construction phase. 2000 - 2004 * River Consulting, LLC. / Sincor Project Petcoke & Sulfur Handling Facility // José, Anzoátegui State, Venezuela . ( 2001 - 2003 Topographic support in construction phase, mounting and alignment of conveyor system, radial stacker, shiploader and rails stacker. Topographic and monitoring control to tunnel Coke conveyor system * River Consulting, LLC. / Veneston Project Venepal Ston Forestry of Venezuela. // Industry of Wood Chips Topographical assistance throughout the construction. Monagas State, Venezuela ( 1998 - 1999 * Fibranova - Oxinova / Projects Grupo Andinos // Industry of Chipboards and resins. / Macapaima Anzoátegui State, Venezuela. Professionals services surveying and engineering. ( 1999 - 2001