Medical Sales Representative - 10 Years of Experience - Near 22980


Medical Sales Representative

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Summary: Marketing/Sales professional with eight years of experience in the healthcare industry utilizing people skills, healthcare knowledge, marketing tools, and personal history of customer service to enhance business development opportunities. Background includes working with seniors, marketing and sales for census development, accounting and financial expertise. Experience includes highly successful marketing and sales for long-term care, accounting, healthcare billing and collections, human resources, and office management. Accomplishments: Development of census from under 90% occupancy to 100% Accounts Receivable below $3500 Experience Highlights Director 0fC0l7lI71LlIZl'[}' Relations- Market to local hospital, physicians, attomeys, financial planners, and various other referral source opportunities. Worked with insurance companies for verification of benefits. Assessment of potential residents during their hospital stay. Volunteered with local community organizations as a marketing effort to develop relationships and build name recognition Accountant- ' Coordination of the financial affairs of facility including financial analysis of the operation Systematized accounts payable, accounts receivable, and interim/audited financial statements Formulated financial plans, policies and accounting practices Developed relationship with financial institutions and financial community Human Resources - Administered employee education and benefits programs Enhanced employee relations through the development of solid employee relations Ensured accuracy of payroll Office Manager- Supervision of other office personnel Collection and analysis of data relative to annual budgeting processes Complied required administrative reports and project data