Jinghao X

RF, Network, System, Software Engineer


System Engineer


Danbury, CT

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Seeking a full-time R&D position in wireless communication industry to utilize my expertise in the area of wireless communication techniques, protocols, systems, and networks.







Research assistant - The George Washington University. Washington, DC, 2001-2005 LUCITE project (of DoD) - BITPIPE: QoS-Based Synthesis Tool for Physical /Data Link Layers of Ad Hoc Wireless Networks - Design and simulation of a Turbo-coded OFDM system model under multi-path fading environment with MATLAB and C++. - Design and simulation of iterative channel estimation with PSAM (Pilot Symbol Assisted Modulation) for Turbo-coded OFDM system with MATLAB and C++ - Development of the link level simulation tool and synthesis tool with MATLAB Nortel project - Adaptive Multi-hop Ad Hoc Access Technologies: Impact of Relay Nodes in Cellular Multi-Hop Network - Research and simulation of adaptive modulation and adaptive scheduling on the capacity improvements in a cellular network with multi-hop extension - Evaluation of the impact of fading channels, inter-cell interference and various traffic models on the network capacity Internship (Engineer) - RKF Engineering, LLC. 1229 19th St, NW, Washington DC Jan-June 2005 Design ad hoc network scheduling strategies and routing protocols with directional antenna for the project of "Modeling and simulation of spectral and spatial efficiency communications in a Directional Networked Communication Environment" for the U.S. ARMY. RF engineer - Research Institute of Telecommunication Transmission. Beijing, China 1996 - 2001 Lead in research on IMT-2000 (3G) specifications for China Wireless Telecommunication Standards group Lead in evaluation and testing of trial WCDMA systems of NOKIA and NEC Participated in the evaluation report of IMT-2000 Radio Transmission Technologies (WCDMA, cdma2000, TD-SCDMA) to ITU Lead in standardization of CDMA(IS-95) air interface for China Received training on IMT-2000 system by NEC in Japan