Priyanka B

Developer - 6 Years of Experience



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SUMMARY * Around 6.5 years of experience in which 6 years of experience in area of Data warehousing with ETL Tools Ab-Initio V3.1.3 environment (GDE V3.1.3 and Co-Operating system V3.1.1.8) and SSIS sql server 2014. * Expertise in designing Ab Initio graphs and developing batch graphs, Linked Sub-graphs and wrapper scripts. * Good understanding in Developing Continuous flows graphs. * Expertise in implementing Micrographs in Continuous flows. * Good knowledge on Dependency Analysis. * Expertise in working with Queues. * Good knowledge in Application configuration Environment (ACE). * Good knowledge in Business Rules Environment (BRE). * Good knowledge in Ops Console. * Experienced in using ETL tools like Ab Initio and SSIS. * Basic knowledge on Metadata Hub. * Expertise in developing in SSIS packages. * Expertise in using BIML to generate SSIS Packages Dynamically. * Basic knowledge on C# to use script task and script component in SSIS. * Well versed with various Ab Initio components such as Partitioning, De-partitioning, Database, Datasets, Transform, Sort, Miscellaneous, Create data, Generate records, Subscribe, Publish, Run Micrograph, Micrograph input, Micrograph output, Read Excel, Write Excel, XML Split, XML Combine e.t.c. * Good Experience in extracting the data from Complex Excel Sheets. * Involved in build and unit testing for various interfaces and participated in system testing. * Have worked with homogeneous and heterogeneous data sources * Expertise in Applying PDL concepts and Meta Programming functions. * Knowledge in testing the Ab Initio jobs on Ops Console V3.1.2. * Good knowledge on Conduct>IT Plans. * Expertise in Unix/Linux Shell scripting. * Good knowledge in SQL, PL/SQL and J2SE. * Having Good Communication skills and good team player.