Wuqi W

Data Mining Specialist - 20 Years of Experience - Near 98042


Data Mining Specialist


Kent, WA

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PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY * Experiencing machine learning real word project of MS Azure Subscription Automation (auto Scaling) for sequence to sequence time series forecasting, classifications and decision on MS Azure machine learning platform and storage blobs. * Participated in data science professional activities, * Cortana Intelligence Competition Project 2016 - Decoding Brain Signals Achieved top 10th in public leader boarder - Prediction accuracy 81.875% in public test dataset. Achieved top 12th in private leader boarder - Prediction accuracy 80% in private test dataset. Program Language: R Platform: R Studio, MS Azure Machine Learning Web service Algorism: LASSO most like hood features selection and logistic regression * Kaggle Competition project - Classify Handwritten Digits Using MNIST data Program Language: R "mxnet" deep learning model, accuracy: 99.429% Program Language: Python "Tensorflow" deep learning model, accuracy: 99% * Experienced modem web technologies, Front end development: AngularJS, Angular Animation, Angular2TypeScripts, D3JS, JQuery, CSS, AJAX, Json, HTML. Back end development: C# Web API, Python Django Web API, LinqToEntities, TSQL. * My online contribution open sources for Django forum, Example of Django Web API without DB model. Example of Building Data Visualizations with D3 + Angular 2 + Python Django Web API. Technical skill & ranks * Azure Machine Learning Studio, storage blobs and data factories (7/10) * Machine Learning and statistics algorisms (7/10) * R (rank: 7/10) * Python (rank: 6/10) * Computer Vision - OpenCV, SimpleCV (rank: 6/10) * AngularJS, D3JS (rank: 7/10) * AJAX, JSON (rank: 7.5/10) * Rest Web API, MVC Razor, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery (rank: 7.5/10) * C# .Net, LINQ & (rank: 7.5/10)