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Network Engineer - 6 Years of Experience - Near 60004


Network Engineer


Arlington Heights, IL

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PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY * 6+ years of professional experience as a Systems Engineer and Network Engineer. * Experience in Infrastructure Development and Operations involving AWS Cloud platforms, EC2, EBS, S3, VPC, RDS, SES, ELB, Auto scaling, Cloud Formation, Cloud Watch, Red Shift, Lambda, SNS, DynamoDB, Beanstalk, AWS Import/Export. * Expertise in migrating key systems from on premise hosting to AWS Web Services. * Provided security and managed user access and quota using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), including creating new Policies for user management in JSON. * Experience in architecting and configuring secure VPC through private and public networks in AWS. * Managing users and groups using the AWS's Identity and Access Management (IAM). * Demonstrated proficiency in network administration (DNS, Load Balancing, and VPN). * Setting up and administering DNS system in AWS using Route53. * Excelled on creating AMI (AWS Machine Images) that utilizes ELB (Elastic Load Balancer) and Auto Scaling. That Auto Scaling fired up new resources those will by default bootstrapped with the Chef Server. * Troubleshoot AWS EC2 Status check including System Status checks and Instance Status check alerts. * Good experience on Networking in AWS, VPC and Data center to Cloud Connectivity, Security Groups, Route Tables and ACL's in AWS. * Good understanding of AWS Elastic Block Storage (EBS), various volume types and utilization of different types of EBS volumes based on requirement. * Extensive expertise with software builds tools like Apache Maven, Apache Ant. * Experience in using Grunt module for minifying the JS/CSS Files & QUnit for Unit Testing. * Experience in using different source code version control tools like GIT, Subversion (SVN), and TFS. * Experience using DSE Sqoop for importing data from RDBMS to Cassandra. * Extensive experience includes Software Configuration Management (SCM) tools like Puppet and Chef, DevOps Build/Release Management, Change/Incident Management and Cloud Management. * Experience in managing multi-tenant Cassandra clusters on public cloud environment - Amazon Web Services (AWS)-EC2, Rackspace and on private cloud infrastructure - OpenStack cloud platform * Experience in integrating Unit Tests and Code Quality Analysis Tools like JUnit, NUnit, Jenkins and CAST. * Extensive experience on Installation, Configuration, Updating, Support, and Maintenance of Unix and Windows servers. * Experience in using configuration management tools like Puppet/Ansible/ Chef and knowledge on Salt. * Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and leader ship quality with ability to work efficiently in both independent and team work environments.