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Medical or Health Services Manager - 14 Years of Experience


Medical or Health Services Manager

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SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS A dedicated healthcare management professional and advocate. Experienced with administration, facility coordination, inventory management, technical knowledge and logistics within long-term care, and clinical service delivery environments. Strengths include: * Maximizing employee productivity * Contracting, Subcontracting & Negotiating * Interpersonal Communication & * Staff Counseling, Motivation, Coaching & Training Diverse Team Building Skills * Budget Control & Facilities Management * Strong Organization, Logistics & * Knowledge of long-range business and Prioritizing Skills business systems planning, records management * Management Resource Planning & documentation standards SELECTED ACHIEVEMENTS, SKILLS, & EXPERIENCE Management / Leadership Improved supervisors' ability to provide effective performance feedback and appraisals. Organized and directed training sessions utilizing role-playing for resolving employee behavior and performance issues. Improved supervisor/education and team understanding of leadership skills and reduced employee turnover to 0% over a three-month timeframe. Resolved counter-productive competition affecting motivation and morale. Guided experiential learning exercise to confront behaviors. Facilitated discussion on mutual goal-setting strategies, increasing cooperation on a team 33 and three separate shifts. Improved workplace environment, reducing employee conflict and organizational barriers in a 40-station facility. Created and conducted Quality of Work Life Survey, examined results leading to leadership training. Improved employee morale, decreased workday hours, and decreased company operating costs. Managed occupational health program and medical records, resulting in consultant cost reduction and achieving a high score on the state inspection. Improved tracking systems for staff roster and payroll, labor costs, reducing overtime, staff performance, and budget guidelines. * Assisted Administrator in supervising approximately 8 nurses, 15 CNAs, and 4 support staff. * Spoke with residents on a weekly basis about care, food, and problems resolution to improve/monitor client services. Financial / Cost Reduction * Reduced cost of monthly equipment rentals from $45K to zero by locating and using company-owned equipment. Resulted in saving the company over $5,000 in the first 45 days. * Maintained extensive medical-supply vendor list and procured medical supplies and services for dialysis center. * Negotiated unique supply and delivery contract, resulting in attaining the best product at the lowest price and receiving cash-back bonuses. * Utilized in-depth analysis of complex and conflicting data to improve employee scheduling. Developed and conducted survey to determine employee work preferences, and performance. * Improved workflow and attitudes of patients and staff members. Enhanced department efficiency and decreased employee wait times and turnover. . KELVIN F. GARDNER PAGE TWO * Communication / Training * Received high praise for presentation on mentorship at the National Leadership Conference for the National Association of Nephrology Technology * Created training processes for the nurses and technicians to enhance presentation skills, financial management and budgeting practices resulting in consistent cost reduction for two consistent years. * Handpicked to create and implement program to improve customer service for administrative staff. Enhanced customer team's internal and external satisfaction. Needs Analysis / Problem Resolution Led team to increase sales from $40K to $83K in one month. Utilized incentives and rewarded "personal bests." Improved productivity, customer satisfaction, and company efficiency. * Achieved top award for best dialysis center out of 465 facilities. * Initiated departmental newsletter to keep all individuals informed of changing requirements, policies, future planning, sales efforts, corporate decisions, and patient feedback. Upgraded medical records procedure in a 63-bed skilled nursing facility resulting in improved operations, efficiency and productivity and meeting HIPAA compliance standards. * Researched, wrote and implemented a sterilization/rinse-out process for water treatment system for a dialysis center. Ensured proper patient treatment and decreased chances of water contamination during dialysis procedures.