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Technical Writer - 4 Years of Experience - Near 61250


Technical Writer


Erie, IL

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With over 20 years in the engineering field, including 4 years as a Technical Writer/Illustrator, I feel I have many assets that would contribute to the success of your company. As a Technical Writer/Illustrator for NRG Energy, I worked closely with SME's to design and implement data sheets, IOMís, and final reports for the maintenance shop. My job duties also included managing the SharePoint site to insure a clear and efficient method for retrieving critical documents. While at Exelon, I worked as a Technical Writer/Illustrator. The first contract was working with the maintenance department SMEís creating IOMís for the repair and installation of critical pumps and valves for the nuclear industry. The second contract was with the training department producing training manuals, instructions, illustrations, and various other documents. A government security clearance was a requirement. I have a wealth of experience that I can draw upon because I have worked on so many different projects. I have the knowledge to get the job done accurately and efficiently. I believe in long term business relationships. The longer we work together, the more efficient we will be. The more efficient we are, the less time it will take to do a specific task. The less time it takes to do a task, the return on investment will be greater. My work ethics, determination, and communication skills are highly recognized in any project that I have had the pleasure of working. Thank you for your time. Penny K. Venhuizen