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Kennesaw, GA

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I'm looking for a vice president or director job with a top 500 company in the United States.


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Northwestern University Management/Finance 1999 Master Degree
Georgia Institute of Technology Nuclear Engineering 1983 Bachelor Degree



• Developed and executed engineering strategy for all 20 utilities operating in the United States • Awarded for completing the first cycle-to-cycle operating run at the Sizewell B nuclear plant by British Energy • Selected for membership in the distinguished International Advisory Committee to the Board of Directors of the American Nuclear Society 2012-2013 • Oversaw review and execution of all project management and station activities associated with refueling outages (Exelon and Sizewell, U.K.) • Selected to lead team from Exelon and General Electric to form an alliance for refueling outages which resulted in a signed contract • Completed three critical 18-day refueling of outages at Exelon LaSalle County Station • Made key revisions to INPO’s nuclear plant two-week evaluation process • Qualified and performed as Corporate Emergency Director all Exelon plants, and as Station Emergency Director for Sizewell B in U.K., responsible for — — Classifying and leading responses during emergencies in mission to protect the public, staff and plant facility, at times requiring direct communications with the White House Situation Room — Personally required by federal NRC regulations and the corporation to remain available within 30 minutes away from response center during emergencies • Significantly improved project forecasting accuracy to within ±10% over two years • Reduced contractor expenses by $20M by making strategic improvements to project manager efficiency and effectiveness • As co-director of turnaround activities, improved global performance following the Fukushima nuclear accident • As Corporate Communications Director served as face of the organization (Exelon) to the media during nuclear emergencies • Licensed as Nuclear Plant Operator qualified for project management and engineering at executive level • Responsible for controlling the operating budget for 120 million pounds at Sizewell Nuclear Station during restructuring • Established and structured a project management team at Exelon Clinton Power Station • Conducted 30 comprehensive two-week-long evaluations each year for five years for U.S. nuclear facilities for INPO • Made key contributions to the modification and design process for all 20 utilities operating nuclear facilities in the U.S. • Developed the reactor curve book and wrote operating procedures for Exelon Byron Nuclear Station • Chaired Exelon’s Material Condition Improvement Committee for the annual budgeting process, the Corporate Project Review Committee, and the Corporate Plant Health Committee, and served as Corporate Director of Emergency Response • Provided oversight of senior corporate leaders to gauge conduct within the evaluation assessment process • Conferred with utility chief executives and chief nuclear officers to assess results of plant evaluations • Currently maintain an extensive network of industry contacts • Known as a respected, collaborative leader who relates exceptionally well to all levels, expertly providing effective conflict management

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Exelon Corporation


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Industry-recognized Leader in Executive Management, Operations, Engineering, and Project Management,(at the Vice President level) with a track record of exceptional Turnaround Leadership, and Managing Annual Budgets up to $1 Billion  A visionary, strategically focused, results and goal-driven, professionally and personally engaging, hands-on leader with three decades of successful experience  Managed budgets up to $1 Billion for critical projects to improve safety and plant material conditions, consistently finishing within 2% of targeted budget on an annual basis  Extensively traveled the globe in a professional capacity, gaining invaluable exposure to numerous cultures of the world, addressing special issues universal to the utility industry  Recognized as “the Most Successful Director in the World” by the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO)  Winner of 10 corporate Professionalism Awards at Exelon Corporation for transformative strategic contributions