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Perris, CA

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High School/GED

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Secure employment with a stable employer with the opportunity for growth and development within the field of maintenance. Eager to perform essential job duties that will allow me to display the skills I have acquired over my career in this field, and contribute the common goal to service customers, and the smooth operation of the employer's vital equipment. Attain a higher level of education in maintenance related functions, to provide the public the best service possible and achieve better growth and development of my career and my coworkers. Qualifications: [ 2013 - 2017 Still Employed ] AMAZON FULFILLMENT CENTER ONT 6 Worked as a support team in conjunction with the Operations in the day to day maintenance of the Company's SL2 Dematic Conveyance equipment, including but not limited to the entire shipping and receiving Sort and Transport Accumulation Conveyance System. Conducting daily assigned PM's & system checks, repair, replace, fabricate, and develop new and better methods to improve production and maintain safe working conditions for all associates. Work closely with operations managers to establish and schedule appropriate time to accomplish all maintenance needed for a smooth and productive facility, and provide the highest service for our customers. All work performed by highly trained techs in tool handling, powered and standard hand tools, repairing roller and belt conveyor systems, 3 phase electrical motors, gear boxes, bearings, trash compactors and trash lines. Perform maintenance on 480 electrical systems, operate and set Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) to the exact specs for specific equipment. [ 1993 - 2003] UNITED STATIONERS SUPPLY} Served in the facilities department for six years, perform daily PM's on automated conveyor systems including but not limited to inspecting oil levels on gear boxes, replace if needed, inspect or replace electrical motors, replace and re-stich conveyor belts, replace pulleys and drive belts, PM and service cardboard bailer, service and maintain carton directors, replace faulty laser photo eyes, install pallet racks, repair dock loading plates, service PC computers, replace emergency fire sprinklers, install safety barriers, replace light fixtures and valences, test fuses on high voltage electrical panels, hang up bulletin boards and general information signs, and perform other functions of facilities such as painting, some plumbing & construction and general maintenance. Experienced in the handling and operation of electrical and pneumatic power tools, some welding and soldering experience. [ 2006 - 2012] {UISWA CORP} Performed general maintenance and grounds keeping task, included painting, patching of drywall, installing office cubicles and separators, door hanging, plumbing & heating, maintain and service all computer equipment, hang informational and communication boards, perform PM's on the fleet of automobiles such as oil changes, tune ups, brake jobs and general mechanics. [Special Business Skills & Training] Attended classes on electrical systems and circuit safety procedures through Southern California Edison (SCE). Served on safety committee for seven years, trained in Lock Out Tag Out procedures, fork lift operations, fire safety, safety training in operating power equipment and pneumatic power tools. COVER LETTER: Dear HR Director, I have been an associate at Amazon Fulfillment since May 2014, and I am applying for the position of Facilities Level 2 to further my career at Amazon and to demonstrate my skills in this field that I have acquired during my employment at several different distribution warehouses over 27 years. I served in the facilities department at United Stationers Supply in The City of Industry Calif for approximately six years. I started as a Utility Worker performing general upkeep of the facility, and slowly transitioned into helping the Level 3 mechanics in performing preventive maintenance (PM), fabrication and repairs on conveyors, sorters, carton directors, gear boxes, electrical motors, electrical panels, Baylor's, and a very large automated picking system named Automated Carousel Product Sorter. This equipment was complex and required constant PMs to maintain it operational. Many upgrades were done to the Carousel to by our staff to adapt and conform to our business needs. Through these upgrades I was able to gather an abundance of knowledge and experience of not only the mechanics of the equipment but also computer and software issues. Some general maintenance was also performed to all the facilities PCs and printers in the warehouse, and our customer service department. General maintenance was performed such as changing light bulbs, plumbing, and construction, replacing deck boards on the Mezz, and running and installing electrical outlets in the facility. During my employment at UISWA, I was responsible in general upkeep of the facility, and PMs on the fleet of company vehicles. This included performing oil changes, brake jobs, tune up, and trouble shooting. Based on my experience I feel that I am capable in performing the duties of the Facilities Level 2 position that is currently open for bid at this time. After reviewing the requirements of the position I am hopeful that you consider my transfer as I feel very confident that I can fulfill those requirements and perform the job. If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me via e-mail or phone call. Thank you for your consideration