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Software Engineer - 9 Years of Experience - Near 85014


Software Engineer


Phoenix, AZ

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Professional Summary: * Over all IT experience 8years include as iOS Developer 5 plus years of application development experience in gathering, understanding requirements, designing & developing mobile applications for iPhone, iPad and Android platforms. * Expertise in designing & developing Rich User Interface applications, integrating with various Databases, Client-Server applications. Experienced with the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process, which includes designing and implementing the software, debugging, fixing and maintaining the software. * Experience with Xcode 4/5/6/7.x/8.x, Interface Builder, Storyboards, Instruments and Analyzer * Versatile experience on Cocoa Touch Frameworks like Core Graphics, UIKit, Core Audio-Video, SystemConfiguration, Core Location, Core Data, Media Player, Mapkit, AddressBook, AddressBookUI, Socoal, Security, OpenGL ES Animation and MessageUI. * Sound Knowledge and good working experience on launched IOS 8/9/10x and strong knowledge on Swift programming language. * Effectively worked in a fast growing start up culture by following Agile Methodology environment, sprint releases and scrum standup meetings. * Expertise in MVC, Delegation, View model, Singleton design patterns. * Strong understanding of Apple Developer Portal and managing Development Certificate, CreatingApp IDs, Assigning Devices, provisioning portal, Installing Development Provisioning ProfilesSSL certification for push notification and iTunes connect for deploying applications to the app store. * Expertise in making user-friendly design, performance improvement, documenting code, refactoring, continuous integration and deployment, and unit testing using the tools like Rally Dev, Cornerstone, Core, Jira, Bloodhound, Charles, Hockey, and Testflight. * Experienced in all aspects of iPad, iPhone application development including designing for all types of screen sizes and orientations using Storyboards, XIB's and Autolayout features. * Good exposure in working with Database using SQLITE, Data Models, Core Data, Plist and File Systems, Sandbox storage-Documents. * Good knowledge on XML Parser, SOAP, REST, JSON web services. * Versatile knowledge on working and testing of Memory Management using reference count, instruments, NSZombie before availability of Automatic Reference Count. * Expertise in maintaining source code version control in both local and network repositories like SVN, Github. * Provisioned, compiled, and managed apps for Adhoc and app store distribution. Experience in usage of Test Flight and Hockey App. * Documented Code Snippets, Reference applications, SDK and API level changes, Comparison documents for each new version of iOS. * Participated in document share using Wiki, SharePoint and Professional Summary: