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Materials Engineer

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Long term contract or full time work at any location in the USA. TROUBLESHOOTING EXPERTISE : Adhesives Actuators Aramid Fiber (Kevlar, Vectran, and hybrids with graphite or glass) Biopolymers Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC) Chemical Analysis (Composition and Formulations) Coatings Composite Part Process and Design Concept Compression Molding Diadem Software (Data Acquisition, DAQ) Elastomers (Urethanes, PET, Nylon66, Silicones, Mylar, Acrylic, PMMA, EPDM, Rubber) Electrostatic Sprays Failure Analysis (SEM, TEM) Fiber Placement Robotics Filament Winding Fluidized Bed Process High Temperature Polymeric Matrix Composites Labview Software (National Instruments) Laser Metrology Lean Six Sigma Manufacturing Engineering Mechanical Materials Testing Polymer Nanocomposites (Clay, carbon nanotube, graphene) Prepreg Hand Lay-up Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs, PIDs) Project Management Rheologist (continuous flow and oscillatory) Reaction-Injection Molding (RTM) Sandwich Panels (Honeycomb Core, Foam Core) Sensors: IR (CdSe type), X-ray (GaAs PIN diode), Gamma (Si PIN Diode), airflow, fluid flow, laser distance measuring, capacitive, pressure transducers, ultrasonic receiver and transmitter for airflow and turbulence, LVDT, RVDT, Optical Encoders for positioning, bi- metallic type thermocouple, resistance-temperature, resistance-extension, proximity hall-effect, Mercury tilt, strain gauge. Structure Property Relationships Thermosets (Epoxy, Polystyrene, Bismaleimide or BMI) Web Process Control (Metallic or polymeric, continuous) 10/2005 - present. Consultant DBA 1099 or W2 part time, on contract, on call or on request. Week-end Consulting / Day Contracting. Reporting to company representatives for assigned research or manufacturing problem resolutions of variable duration. Walnut, California (West Coast) and Maine (East Coast) operations. Coating, rubber, plastics and sealants twin screw viscosity and compounding flow, and mechanical property issues in Angeles and San Deigo areas. Biopolymers and Medical Device microchannel assay development (photonic and optoelectronic sensors, QA) Biomedical Research and Development per publication list below. Metal specification consulting (test program reviews: fatigue, grain size, alloy composition. Quality Control Setup - Will specify appropriate metrology equipment and provide input on staff hiring. Sensor calibration renewal: NI 'Diadem' to perform flow analysis surveys to characterize laminar and turbulent flows. Test fixtures designed for customers using load cells for statistical analysis and correlation with manufacturability acceptance criteria. Occasional subcontracts for Parker-Hannifin Aerospace of California blue-lined drawings and specification reviews for test stand procedures. Often write custom software in National Instruments 'Diadem' to automate data analysis for determination of conformity to system specification requirements. Analysis includes static and dynamic pressure ramps, momentary air and fluid temperature excursions, and other sensor feedback to establish performance requirements. 1/2012 - 12/2014 Adjunct Professor, School of Biology and Ecology, University of Maine at Orono. Assisted with grant writing and special topic research support. Presented lectures by invitation about how applied engineering and instruments can be used to obtain results that span multidisciplinary boundaries in engineering, biology, and nanotechnology.