Deborah S

Paralegal - 5 Years of Experience - Near 77386




Spring, TX

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COVER LETTER: I am writing to apply for the career opportunity with your company as a "Fraud Investigator." I have 20 years' experience with performing background investigations, skip tracing, hidden assets, social security searches, people finder searches, oil and gas royalty and mineral owners, reading abstracts of titles, UCC and Secretary of State research of corporations, and much more. I have studied at Liberty University School of Law. My coursework and life experience have given me the skills to qualify for this position. I am currently working towards becoming certified in e-Discovery, and Forensic Fraud Examiner Certification through ACFE. My GPA is a 3.1. I have enhanced my skills through attending many CLE's offered by the Texas Bar and the ABA. I am exceptional at legal research, writing complaints and legal memorandums, memorandums of law, briefs, and much more. I have 3 years of experience using the electronic file and serve system through Tyler Technologies. I have argued civil law myself (pro se) in 5 oral arguments against the opposing council who has been practicing law for 28 years. I have first hand experience in tort, criminal, civil, family law, and appellant law. I am very familiar with the rules of civil, criminal and appellant procedure, rules of evidence, controlling case law, codes and statutes in both civil and criminal law. have assisted others in family, civil and criminal cases out of Texas, Oklahoma, Oregon and Pennsylvania. I am highly proficient with e-Discovery and comfortable researching law by the use of technology as well as the old fashioned way of conducting legal research in an actual law library. Through out my studies and personal experiences I have gained practical experience in conducting investigations, locating people, legal research and investigations using Lexis Nexus, Public Data, West law, Tyler Technologies, and Fast Case. I am also proficient is using Pacer, and have experience with searching the county clerk records across Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, New Mexico, and other states. I am skilled in using Office 365, Outlook, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, QuickBooks, Outlook, Acrobat, Pages, Dragon Naturally Speaking Dictation and Transcription software. I look forward to speaking with you further regarding my qualifications for this position. Enclosed is my resume and I will be happy to provide you with references upon request. Thank you for your consideration