Mahalakshmi G

Web Developer - 7 Years of Experience - Near 63043


Software Engineer


Maryland Heights, MO

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Professional Summary: An accomplished Software Engineer, specializing in User Interface Development and analysis with extensive experience in the full life cycle of the software design process including requirement definition, prototyping, Proof of Concept, Design, Implementation and Testing. SUMMARY * Over 7 years of experience in application and web development with emphasis on HTML/HTML5, CSS 2/3, AJAX, DOM, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular JS, Knockout JS . * Experience in Software life cycle phases like Requirement Analysis, Implementation and estimating the time-lines for the project. . * Experience in designing websites with W3C standards using HTML4/5, CSS2/3 to get best cross-browser user experience for long-term user retention and engagement. * Involved in framework discussions to select the best suitable JavaScript library (Angular.js vs Ember.js vs Backbone.js vs React.js). * Well developed skills in testing, debugging and troubleshooting all types of technical issues. * Intreseted in creating Templates, Mockups and Prototypes, Web Interfaces, Layouts and Flow of Future Pages. * Experienced in various IDEs like Eclipse, Notepad++, Sublime Text, Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Visual Studio and Webstrom. * Extensive experience in various UI widgets using Javascript Frameworks libraries (JQuery) and developing Rich Internet Applications RIA. * Designed and implemented interface elements using Google Web Toolkit. * Working experience on CSS Background, CSS Positioning, CSS Text, CSS Border, CSS Margin, CSS Padding, CSS Table, Pseudo Classes, Pseudo Elements and CSS Behaviors in CSS. * Experience in Fixing CSS Cross Browsing Compatibility issue and web application scaling. * Extensive experience on implementing the AJAX features using Javascript Frameworks and jQuery. * Experience with Firebug for Mozilla, Developer Toolbar for Chrome and IE Developer Toolbar for Internet Explorer for testing applications. * Good knowledge of Grunt, Gulp, Webpack, GITS, Bit bucket. * Web development experience in developing dynamic websites with emphasis on content management, interactive portals and complex online systems following WCAG and W3C standards and I also have experience with sharepoint (microsoft account) and good knowledge of MS office. * Self-motivated, able to work independently and in teams can handle multiple projects while paying attention to details accomplished problem solving and analytical skills. * Efficient team member with excellent work/time management skills, excellent leadership, communication and interpersonal skills and ability to work under strict deadlines.