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Construction Trade Worker Manager - 20 Years of Experience - Near 71469


Construction Trade Worker Manager


Robeline, LA

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SUMMARY 35 years 'experience in electrical, instrumentation, mechanical, structural. Detail planning risk assessment, scheduling, and commissioning. Construction manager, commission manager construction consultant, construction management and engineering office support Includes FEL and ITB evaluation, Participant in the technical proposal process for major project cost range from 150 MM to 750 MM. I have progressed from apprenticeship level through electrical craftsman and instrumentation technician to foreman, general foreman, and superintendent to construction and commissioning manager. Estimating cost and developing construction and commission execution plans. Managing contractors on developing a construction execution plan Expertise in Brownfield off shore, on shore, FPSO, other projects Chemical plants, power plants and refineries. Upstream and Downstream Construction management interfacing with engineering and design, constructability issues, risk assessment, detail planning, controls & safety system, scheduling. Involved in QA/QC of installation and repairs of instrumentation and electrical components associated with Brownfield off shore/on shore rebuilds and typical plants build and rebuild. Experienced in developing and implementing Instruments, electrical, mechanical, maintenance programs this includes developing execution plans with contractors. Working constructability with contractors on planning, scheduling and with the execution of projects. Knowledgeable in F.W. Heaters, B & W boilers, Oil, Gas, Coal and Bark fired boilers, C E Recovery Boilers 450 Black Liquor Smelt Bed type, Steam GE Turbine Generators, 20 MW Gas fired Generator with Gas fire boiler and Power Distribution Switch Gear, Installation of small Packages Boilers, Commissioning and Start up. Experienced in assembling utility power plants, steam driven and diesel power generators, power distribution switch gear with tie breakers and with synchronizing buss, Frequency control, and load shed under voltage, ground fault protection relays. Installation Power distribution, Motor Control Centers 41.6 KV switch gear and 480 V Switch gear, installation of 110 KV, 13.8 KV 41.6 KV and 480V transformers. 110KV Switch yard installation includes switches and transformers and tubular buss connection. Commissioning and Start up. 12 years on Emergency Response Team, training consist of, Incident command, Hazardous Material, Safety, Liaison, Operation, Planning, Logistics, Additional training consist of Fire, Medical, Search and Rescue, BP Risk Assessment program. Construction Dow Chemical Chlorine 7 Project Freeport TX Construction Management and consultant on Electrical and Instrumentation, constructability Issues, detailed planning and schedule on Instrumentation, Power Distribution, Motor control centers and control room building, also including mechanical, civil, structural. Estimate on site logistic for Worley Parsons Construction Management Team on Chlor- Alkali Manufacturing Plant Project. Participant in the technical proposal process and invitation to bid evaluation process on Dow Chemical Chlorine 7 Project, Our Project Goals are Safety, Quality, Schedule & Planning, Productivity and Cost this is a Greenfield and Brownfield Project $750M management FEL and on ITB evaluation process. Detail planning scheduling constructability with WorleyParsons electrical and Instrumentation engineering on detail design Power Distribution Motor Control Centers and Control Room Buildings Mechanical Civil Structural. Developing work packages and a detail construction schedule. Estimate on site logistic for WorleyParsons Construction Management Team. Was a participant in the technical proposal process and the invitation to bid evaluation process On Continuous Catalytic Reformer. Project Goals: Safety Quality Schedule & Planning Productivity and Cost. This is a Greenfield and Brownfield Project. $500M Project Construction over electrical and instrumentation department. Coordinate work activity with multi-national construction contractors. Developed construction and commissioning execution plan, ensured application and inspection were at heard too and compliance with plant specifications and electrical code are performed. Insure all documentation are in compliance with the Kazakhstan standard and regulation. System involved Crude Oil system, Gas system, Sulphur system Power & Utilities Generators, multiply substation and an incoming 110 KV Transmission line, switch yard includes cut over switcher and isolation switches open air type. Start-up and turn over to operation. Project Goals: Safety, Quality, Schedule & Planning, Productivity and Cost. $6.8 Billion Project management electrical and instrumentation on Capital Work BOC project. Coordinate work activity with construction contractor. Upgrade Installation of existing incoming transmission switch yard including the switching relay metering building. Installation of parallel 46KV feeders to the new 46 kv transformer sub-station with tie breaker. A C hot pot testing cables transformers buss and breakers. Monitor to ensure proper application of and compliance with plant specifications and electrical code are performed. Start up and commission of the system .Project Goals: Safety Quality Schedule & Planning Productivity and Cost. This is a Brownfield Project.