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Albuquerque, NM

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(r-i.2) Summary Supervise, review and authorize Consultant's provision of Loss Prevention-Safety services. Survey/Audit development and implementation: Regulatory/Industry specific/Client's requested reviews. Provide specific Training designed to support pre-loss intervention and recovery/mitigation strategies addressing historic loss frequency/severity issues. Advise Clients of non-insurance options to reduce risk susceptibility. Manage department's Succession plan and Consultant's professional development: individual career track certifications that responded to developing Market Trends and Client-specific requirements. Represent Company's interests in Regulatory/Legal matters: DOI, DOL, NCCI, WCA, Arbitrations, Litigation. Development and implement multiple department Budget (s). Partner with key internal departments (Claims, Underwriting, Legal) to provide advice on previously unknown or underestimated (developing) risk exposures. Implement organization's Catastrophic Loss Team, to provide immediate responses for significant losses. Participate on Disaster Recovery Team committee (pre-loss planning, recovery, operational continuity & resilience strategies) and corporate Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Committee developed holistic internal Audit process to self- identify pre-loss, internal hazards and due diligence strategies, in support of organization's exposure vulnerabilities. JAMES J. NOONE, ARM CHS-III CHSP Transportation/Logistics/Construction: Risk-Insurance-Loss Prevention-Safety Summary Manage Middle East/North African corporate Risk/Loss Prevention/Safety/Insurance Programs & Budget (s). Supervise international multi-line Safety & Claims staffs. Investigate incidents (personnel & property) and recommend liability positions, remedial (Loss Prevention/Safety) Training and procedural adjustments (U.S. Regulatory standards) Produce multi-line reconciliation Reports for annualized Safety and Insurance (Loss Picks, Reserves & Settlements). Perform stat (office) and rolling Audits for U.S. Contracts: worker & convoy Safety, Property (structures/contents) value fluctuations, WC/DBA exposures (payrolls). Generate Risk Analysis for situational geo-political threats and centers of gravity. Estimate measures of County's power vs. threats in operational theaters. Produced White Paper on obstacles to standardizing contractor's Claim's and insurance processes within Zones of Hazard, with consideration for key constraints imposed by the revised 2008 Status of Forces Agreements (SOFA). Transportation/Logistics: Risk-Insurance-Loss Prevention-Safety Summary Manage six-department Risk Group: Risk Management/Insurance/Loss Prevention-Safety-EHS/ HazCom/Claims/ Compliance Responsible for corporate Insurance, Loss Prevention-Safety & Claims programs. Partner with Brokers & direct Insurers: Loss prevention and Safety: continuing-specialized-one off training programs. Reconcile loss information with partner data bases. Achieved a 25% annual reduction of OSHA Lost Work Day measure via implementation of non-standard Modified Duty program, in partnership with national medical management Team. Realized $150k annual savings via automation & out-source of volume-sensitive/ redundant processes, with no layoffs. Earlier work experience available upon request: Contract Staffing, Transportation, Security 1978 - 1999 Military Operations (Zones of Hazard)