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SUMMARY Highly trained Senior API 510 Equipment Inspector with more than 35 years of experience in the Petroleum Refining Industry. Interest includes Equipment Inspection for Refinery Plant Shutdowns/Turnarounds. Refinery Plant Construction Projects also falls within my line of experience. Refinery. Worked with the Capital Projects Team during turnaround. Experienced with Storage Tank construction and repairs. * Worked in shipping area, which is under Coast Guard Jurisdiction. Provided Inspection and necessary recommended repairs to all product piping. * Maintained communications with the Department of Transportation pertaining to repairs for offshore pipelines within Refinery boundaries. * Welding Inspector included writing/reviewing procedures and qualification of welders. * Planning for several Cluster Plant Shutdowns included scheduling 60 - 70 contract Inspectors and 120 Non-destructive Technicians for 20 Plant Shutdowns within the same 6-week timeframe. Negotiated and provided all contracts ($2.5MM) and conducted Safety Orientation classes. * Highly skilled in troubleshooting Pressure Relief Devices. Have performed several shop inspections in order to certify shops for PRD repairs. * Lead Inspector for the On Stream Inspection Team for two years. On Stream provides maintenance planning valuable information for pre - shutdown estimates for scheduled plant Turnarounds. * Proficient with Computer programs Word, Excel, Visio, PowerPoint, etc. COAST CONTRACT SERVICES, Pascagoula, MS (Contractor for Chevron Refinery) 1978 - 1981 Inspector Technician Assisted company inspector performing storage tank inspections and off plot piping inspections. Also worked routine plant shutdowns performing equipment inspection. * Storage tank bottom profile surveys performed for settlement. Floating roofs require support leg adjustment based on bottom profiles. * Performed inspection on off plot piping using visual, ultrasonic gauging and radiography. * Provided elevation surveys for installation of plant equipment and designed drainage plans for low-lying areas of the refinery. * Plant shutdown coverage consisted of inspection for columns, drums, exchanger, reactors and piping.