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San Francisco, CA

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SUMMARY * 7.7 years of experience in the IT field and 5 years of experience in Android. * Great understanding of Unit and Functional testing. * Served as a technical lead within the company to develop the technology stack. * Experience developing rich application UI's. Conducted regular 1-on-1s with team members to provide career and technical mentorship. * Solid background in OOP and knowledge of software design patterns/best practices. * Work with Product Management, Delivery teams and Project Management to translate requirements into tasks for deliverables. Have strong knowledge and demonstrated experience using Android Studio. * Strong understanding of server side software, scalability, performance, and reliability. * Have been the single point of contact for all Android-related matters, heavily interfacing with the Product team and Marketing team. * Ability to debug and fix complex issues. Experience working with deep learning algorithms. * Ability to manage competing priorities in a complex environment and maintain high productivity. * Conducted interviews and contributed to the continuous grow the engineering team. Familiarity with the Android tool ecosystem for development, testing, debugging, and performance benchmarking. Real-world experience is building very large scale, high availability applications. * Ability to diagnose and solve mobile networking performance issues. * Created innovative solutions in media streaming and mobile user experience. * Given high-level goals, the ability to ask the right questions, provide feedback to stakeholders, break down the tasks, and create a plan to achieve the intended result. * Self-driven person, able to adapt to different environments and adopt different technologies. * Comfortable using native Google libraries in the SDK as well as third-party libraries tailored for mobile development. * Hands on project planning and tracking skills over agile methodology. * Knowledgeable of the latest analytics tools for mobile applications such as Google Analytics, Localytics, Mixpanel, Answers, Flurry, Crashlytics, NewRelic, etc. * Willing to take technical risks and work independently. * Strong familiarity using Google Cloud Services and Google APIs like Location, Google Maps, Google Custom Search, Google Analytics. * Architected the update to Android Marshmallow and the early previews in Android N. * Optimized the app performance regarding memory, network, battery, and CPU usage. * Fully conversant with OOP principles, software development frameworks and design patterns. * Expert in designing, developing and publishing scalable and high-performance Android applications both in front-end and back-end. Implemented the RESTful data consumption using Retrofit with an OkHttp client, GSON and Jackson converters and a custom interceptor. * Skillful using a variety of libraries for asynchronous HTTP request such as Volley and Retrofit. * Experienced working with tablets, phones, smart TVs and more recently Android Smart Watches. * Knowledgeable of the structure and parsing process of JSON, XML, and YAML files used to store data (GSON, Jackson, Moshi, Protobuf ). * Fast and accurate coding using several IDE's including Android Studio, J Developer, Eclipse among others. * Designed the schema for and deployed SQL and MySQL servers. Self-driven individual that requires no supervision and feels comfortable working in teams or alone. * Creative problem-solver known for competently managing multiple priorities in fast-paced, deadline driven environments while motivating department to exemplary performance. Proficient in using Eclipse IDE with ADT plugin and Android Studio. * Used different emulators including BlueStacks, Genymotion, and the Android Studio built-in. * Observed the configuration process of the Version Control Software with different tools. * Set up the continuous integration servers using Jenkins and Codeship. * Used and implemented the latest Material Design guidelines, including animations and User Experience optimization. * Strong knowledge in Android multithreading frameworks: AsyncTasks, IntentServices, Handlers, Threads, Runnables, Loopers. * Coordinated efforts with different background professionals such as system analyst, graphic designers, developers and technical documenters. * Worked in multicultural environments with local and remote teams in Agile environments. * Self-motivated, goal-oriented and able to work without supervision. * Highly skilled in maximizing algorithm efficiencies, software development and device resources management including memory, network, and battery to achieve consistent productivity and consistent behavior between applications. * Architected applications that follow Google best practices included: design, battery consumption, network usage, memory management