Roshan P

Database Designer - 7 Years of Experience - Near 07306


Database Designer


Jersey City, NJ

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Summary: * Over 8 years of experience in IT industry as a SQL Server Developer with specialized skills in SSIS, SSAS and SSRS. * Extensive experience in BI Solutions (ETL & Reporting) using SSIS, SSAS, SSRS and T-SQL Programming using DDL, DML, DCL commands for various business applications. * Expert at developing ETL interfaces using SSIS, Data marts/cubes using SSAS and enterprise reports using SSRS utilizing latest versions (2005/2008) & features. * Data modeling experience focusing on high-activity, normalized transaction systems (OLTP), highly-usable de normalized reporting systems (OLAP) as well as staging areas and data marts. * Good experience and understanding of database design, relational integrity constraints, OLAP, OLTP and Normalizations. * Extensively worked in OLTP and OLAP environment that includes Production (24x7), QA and development databases in SQL Server. * Excellent understanding of Relational Database Systems, Normalization, logical and physical data modeling for OLTP and dimensional modeling for OLAP. * Involved in writing complex Stored Procedures, Functions, Views, Triggers, and Cursors for various business applications. * Experience in Error handling and debugging coding issues and troubleshoot production problems. * Extensive Experience in RDBMS concepts such as Tables, User Defined Data Types, Indexes, Indexed Views, Functions, CTE's, Table Variables and Stored Procedures. * Experience in SQL Optimizing by using SQL Profiler, Index Tuning Wizard, Database Tuning Advisor, DBCC Commands, DMV's, DMFs and Query Execution Plans. * Expert in Extracting and Transforming data (ETL) from various heterogeneous sources and creating packages using SSIS/DTS, Import, Export Data, Bulk Insert and BCP utilities. * Hands on experience with performing various SSIS data transformation tasks like Look-ups, Fuzzy Look-ups, Conditional Splits and Event Handlers, Error Handlers etc. * Great Expertise in creating and managing Event Handlers, Package Configurations, Logging, System and User-defined Variables for SSIS Packages. * Experience in conversion of packages from legacy systems (DTSSSIS) and migrating, deploying the packages across Dev/UAT/Prod environments. * Expert in automating process by creating jobs and error reporting using Alerts, SQL Mail Agent, FTP and SMTP. * Created various SSRS Reports involving variety of features like Reports, Charts, Filters, Sub-Reports, DrillDown, Drill-Through, Multi-valued parameters etc. * Experience in writing R scripts to develop graphical reports. * Hands on experience in using various R packages. * Experience in Error handling and debugging coding issues and troubleshoot production problems. * Worked with end users/customers to understand business requirements, recommended technical solutions and documented functional requirements. * Ability to work on multiple tasks in a fast paced environment independently and in a team, mentor to other team members to c follows same techniques and standards. * Excellent analytical/Communication Skills, Team Play and very much result Oriented.