Ronnie K

Engineering Technician - 20 Years of Experience - Near 77365


Engineering Technician


Porter, TX

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Summary Analytical professional with the ability to perform electrical, electronic and mechanical supervisor/technician functions associated with the installation, repair and troubleshooting of electrical and mechanical engineering systems. Business experience with operational accounting systems used to track production, assets, time and material, and inventory control and sourcing. Electronic / Electrical Tech Experience * Experience in the use of digital test equipment such as multi-meters, oscilloscopes, signal generators, meggers, variacs, biddle scopes, voltage and current test meters, stress meters, frequency and decibel test meters, dynatel and thunderbird meters. * Use of computer programs to perform data collection based on electrical testing to analyze circuit design, locate faults and create base line data for fault comparison. * Soldering of every kind from electric pencil soldering irons used on circuit boards to acetylene torch soldering of lead sleeve enclosures, construction of pressurized, non-pressurized, air tight and water tight electrical enclosures for under water submersion and construction of harsh environment enclosures. * Design of IT networks and utility spaces for compliance with NEC/UL and customer safety standards, experienced in the operation, installation and maintenance of switch gear equipment, power plant distribution control systems, control room equipment, slow start controls, drives and transformers, installation and repair of T1 circuits, repeaters, voice and data transmission circuits. * Go to technician for fault analysis to locate and repair opens shorts, crosses, grounds, transpositions and electrolysis damage of electrical circuitry. * Power plant technician, cable splicer, medium voltage lineman, fault locator, electronic technician, fiber optic technician and control room operator. * Installation, troubleshooting and repair of CEV/RT/MDF digital component systems, analog to digital conversion components, and computer programming of data, voice, pair gain and power distribution systems. * Analyzing electrical data to perform quality and safety evaluations of circuit performance and compliance, performed analysis of circuit parameters for compliance with established standards. * Performed point to point testing, synchronization / transfer of power between grid / switch gear, transfer of through control panels to drives, and hi-pot test of medium voltage equipment. * R&D development of telecommunication programs such as Crosstalk which utilizes computer interface with field techs and remote distribution sites to perform circuit analysis and cosmic cross connects to provide service. Installation of IT network hardware and turn up of software systems. * Reading and revision of schematics, blue prints and circuit design charts, excellent computer skills in Excel, Word, MS Project, Office. Mechanical Engineering Tech Experience * Diesel and gas turbine technician in the off - shore marine engineering field, experience in the installation and repair of all engineering systems including hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, pump, valve and piping systems, tank storage and transfer systems, power plant and control room systems, diesel propulsion and auxiliary systems, electrical distribution systems, water treatment systems, exchange systems, CHT abatement systems, design, reading and revision of mechanical blueprints, quality control and governmental compliance. Formerly licensed as a marine engineman, worked off shore on ocean going supply and support vessels. * Operation and repair of main propulsion diesel engines such as Worthington, Fairbanks - Morse, Atlas - Royal, GM 12-71, 6-71, Cummins and the associated bull gears and drive systems. * LM 2500 GE gas turbine tech, as both a control room operator and repair tech, including boroscoping of stages for vane wear and inspection of components, repair of filters, valves, piping and fuel systems, and all associated gas turbine components including repair of digital control electronic components. * Installation and repair of various types of valve and piping systems including rising stem valves, gate valves, ball valves and remotely controlled valves. * Repair of exciters and electrical motors, repair of compressors and pneumatic systems including air starts. * Operation and repair liquid transfer systems, automatic pump operational controls, repair of instruments and gauges. * Implementation of PM programs, technical writing of SOP procedures and operational flow charts. Daily use of micrometers, calipers, snaps gauges, and precision machinery instruments. * Overhaul of compressors, pumps, electrical motors, diesel engines, bull drives, gas turbines and control room equipment. * Operation of stand by generators, fuel transfer stations, distribution panels and switchgear controls. Extensive knowledge of hands tools and there uses. * Performance of operational and machinery space watches, fire and safety watches.