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SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS * Microsoft Operating Systems: Workstation XP-10 Professional, Servers NT-2016 Standard, Data Center/Enterprise. IIS. Complete understanding of Active Directory and best practices when applying proper sharing of network resources, scripting, and hierarchies. * Backup: Complete understanding and experience in planning, supporting, and maintaining disk to disk backup from laptops, desktops, remote and co-located servers to a centralized location for permanent backup to tape and a solid alert system implemented to protect any possibility of data loss. * Microsoft Exchange: all versions, configuration, installation, and proper integration with various email filtering applications both cloud based and internally based including spam protection, custom paths for delivery requests, desired groupings, and anti-virus protection. * Cisco Switches, Routers and Firewalls L2/L3, VPN Connectivity and Tunneling: Experience with command line and web based interfaces, as well as a thorough understanding of proper PCI Compliance audits with a variety of vendors/circumstances. * LAN/WAN: Configurations cross connecting the internal network through to the telecommunications provider's MPLS interfaces, preparing and understanding their reporting applications and alarms on the managed network side. Also set up the internal alarm system for near instantaneous alerts should any issue occur within the confines of the network * Wireless Networks: (Extensive Experience most recently with HP-Aruba) both internal configuration, and proper physical and logistical installation in both office and large warehouse applications. Full security best practices and clear documentation on the network was completed perfectly * Mobility devices: Ability to integrate iPhone, iPad, Android, and Microsoft devices with the network for Exchange, the ERP application, and VPN connectivity to files where required. * SQL Server: 2005 - 2016 Administration and Configuration including backup and preservation of all data. * Microsoft Office: All applications and all versions. 15 years' experience assisting and supporting all levels of standard helpdesk requests. Provided classroom level training. * Citrix: Extensive experience in setting up and configuring servers, applications, and desktop integrations. HIGHLIGHTED PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE HOUSTON BASED FIRM, Houston, TX 2002 - 2017 Network Administrator * Converted company from Green Screens/16 Bit Token Ring topology to a Cisco 100 Base-T Windows Server based network which included Microsoft Servers, Computers, Cisco/Adtran Switches/Routers in 7 locations. The network came up on schedule and perfectly. * Configured L3 Backbone switch/Cisco PIX-515e Firewall/VPN for remote access and standard protection. * Modified UNIX based server contained the preexisting ERP for standard network interface. * Responsible for 99%+ uptime of all network operations throughout the life of the network. * Responsible for the entire network, infrastructure, hardware/software, the relationships with vendors/users to support all network operations. All tracking for warranty/contracts were seamless and reported at regular intervals. * Created permanent clear military style labels on all devices so that the identification of any node during any event was easily relayed when a problem/question was presented. * Designed a concise Command Master Full Color Extension list available for every user in the network providing network status, logistical list of users by location/department/job title. Other status based devices were also displayed. This was the most used file in the network. * Replaced UNIX based ERP platform with a SQL based platform. Installation and configuration of the new SQL Server was completed inside the deadline and testing was flawless. * Replaced Cisco PIX-515e with ASA-5520 and the L3 Backbone switch as well. Programming was completed in order to upgrade sufficiently to protect the network. New installations of the VPN client to support the new device were completed seamlessly and in record time. Updates were performed at regular intervals. * Minimized lost time, eliminated confusion and manual ordering processes with a new printer tracking software. This package consolidated all 90+ printers on the network interfaced with a software package on the App server which polled each printer through algorithms measuring page count and toner levels then shipped the toner for each device by name automatically. * Configured the new test platform for a SQL based development firm in India to start the development process for the new software application to replace our existing ERP system. We chose to build the next generation for our existing ERP package from the ground. * Designed, configured and installed two new SQL Servers in preparation for our new ERP software package to go live. SQL Replication, proper maintenance and backup procedures, as well as the proper creation of the report server with IIS support were completed and presented to the developers well before the deadline. Our Go Live schedule was seamless and to the minute according to the plan devised. (Much more to convey on this during the interview) * Researched/Selected a new VOIP based phone system. Managed the proof-of - concept at the first two branch offices, wrote and documented all testing procedures, and interfaced with all personnel on training and clear comprehension of the new phone system as well as all of the new features that the company now enjoys. All training material with full color illustrations were provided through easy desktop shortcuts so that all personnel had all information at their fingertips. Final installation was completed in record time and there was no significant loss or productivity due to the plan at each location including over the shoulder presence as well as well supported documentation. * Replaced all Lan/Wan switches and cabling throughout the entire network to Gigabit/Cat-6. Trunks were added as well to ensure the new phone system fully reserved VOIP connectivity and bandwidth was completely isolated and protected for maximum performance on a separate subnet. * Designed, configured, and installed the HP/Aruba wireless network which provided wall-to-wall coverage throughout all 9 locations for all wireless devices cleared for use. This included a bridged interface trunk between the WAP's and the central network schema which provided separate connectivity for both internal users as well as visiting guests. The Aruba network was installed in both warehouse and office environments totaling 180 nodes across independent LAN networks accessible by remote control for administrative and new user access. I can install this type of technology with controller or non-controller based command interfaces. The Aruba devices can be installed both ways and works perfectly either way depending on the need for options in the command interface itself. * Upgraded from Cisco ASA5520 to ASA5525 to meet the new PCI Compliance referendum provided by the vendor which supports our POS systems. The configuration was nearly identical to that of the preexisting firewall and the conversion was completed in record time. HOUSTON BASED MEDICAL FIRM, Houston, TX 1999 - 2002 Network Administrator * Designed a new network, installed the new server farm and had the new point-to-point circuits laid out with the telecommunications vendor. Upon arrival the old server with no backup and software sporadically saved everywhere on the nodes was brought cleanly and professionally into focus and the first backup was configured and maintained. * Linked all 11 locations and ensured the company was fully operational in less than 60 days. All devices on this network were unmanaged and required procurement, installation, configuration through the telecommunications vendor. * Created permanent clear military style labels on all devices so that the identification of any node during any event was easily relayed when a problem/question was presented. * All nodes were setup remote control so that users having any issue had only to indicate which computer/printer they were having issue with and the issue was resolved quickly.