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COVER LETTER: Sincerely, HELP SPARK The Gensler NY Not-for-Profit Team COMMUNITY OUTREACH* Episode F: Foundation Center Case Story Samples ALLIANCE FOR SUSTAINABLE COLORADO Denver, Co Can a person leave a building healthier than when they entered* AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB (AKC) New York, NY BEACON INSTITUTE FOR RIVERS & ESTUARIES Beacon, NY CHARLOTTE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Charlotte, NC STATS STATS STATS 2015 Winner 2015 Winner STATS MORE Green Project IFMA Awards of Excellence 33,000 SF 20 acres/4,500 sq ft 22,205 SF TRANSFORMING MAKING Organized by Organized by 41,356 SF ENR Mountain States IFMA Completed 1998 Completed 2008 Completed 2015 Recognition Recognition Completed 2014 UNDERSTANDING Merit Award Adaptive Reuse of a Building/Space LEED - NC Platinum SUSTAINABILITY THAN CHARLOTTE The Charlotte Chamber of Commerce reasoned that if people could more clearly see them-see their This question became a strong driver for Gensler's integration of the design concept of biophilia, in their high- The Center for Environmental Innovation and Education (CEIE) of the Beacon Institute for River and Estuaries inner workings, see their energy, see their member companies-they would gain insights into the performance building renovation of the Alliance Center in Denver's Lower Downtown. is a research field office, exhibition center, and outdoor classroom. city's business community. Hence a headquarters revamp, one that would create greater visibility and AND transparency for the Chamber. Gensler's design is an adaptive reuse of a 4,500-square-foot, The gallery is equipped with audio/visual systems for distance CHAMPION Working closely with the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado, To achieve this, Gensler created an open, healthy, flexible and light- THE BEST Gensler developed a design concept for a high-performance filled space that would promote the cross-pollination of ideas while nineteenth century building located in Denning's Point State Park learning, interactive installations, and events. The building The organization had been in an outdated, uninspiring space that lacked ties to the buzzing street life FROM renovation of the nonprofit's existing office space located in encouraging spontaneous interactions among tenants and visitors. in Beacon, New York, fifty miles north of New York City. itself is a living laboratory-it models energy efficiency, water conservation, waste reduction, and site sensitivity. outside. The space also failed to convey the Chamber's imagination and today's Charlotte. It was an downtown Denver. Responding to the client's desire to create a The building's original entry was restored to create a strong street As part of the Governor George E. Pataki's Strategic Plan task environment that people could not connect with. And connection is central to their mission of bolstering PROTECTING space that would attract and retain tenants looking to facilitate presence along a major thoroughfare, while a new lobby design sustainability through collaboration, Gensler designed a offers tenants and visitors opportunities for interaction, as well as force, Gensler helped develop the Institute's strategic plan, The new design connects to the surrounding historical landscape Charlotte's economy. reimagined multi-tenant, nonprofit center that directly links all a strong visual introduction to the nonprofit's brand and mission. participating in developing research and education goals and is part of the qualifications for LEED Platinum certification DOGS tenant groups to the advancement of sustainability. strategies for identifying local, national, and governmental for New Construction. The building also illustrates a wide range OBJECTIVE: PLACE partnerships organizational planning financial planning and site of sustainable strategies such as geothermal heating and cooling, selection and building criteria. natural ventilation, green roof technology, and composting toilets. The entire campus is envisioned as a "beta site" for future Beacon IMPORTANT The first building on the Institute's campus, the CEIE houses an Institute satellite projects along the Hudson River. education and resource center for interdisciplinary research on waterways, open to the general public and local K-12 schools. TO WE'RE TO LIVE FRESHWATER REALITY THE DOG'S AND RUN RESOURCES CHAMPIONS A BUSINESS ADVERTISING + EDITORIAL Advertising In collaboration with Gensler ENRICHING THE HUMAN COMPLEXITY AND COLLABORATION: TRANSFORMING THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE IS THE HIGHEST CALLING OF GENSLER'S WORK.