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Summary of Duties: * Developing and implementing all ACDR policies, procedures, strategies, and plans * Recruiting, directly supervising and managing the ACDR Staff * Serving as the national and international representative and spokesman of ACDR and interface with media and the legal, judicial, and business communities * Liaising with Afghanistan government institutions * Managing meetings of ACDR Bodies and attending them as non-voting member except where recusal is required August 2011 - September 2014 Communications Consultant, Kabul, Afghanistan & Brighton, UK Summary of Duties: * Analyzing the work and materials of organizations and writing brochures, newsletters and website contents * Conducting the required interviews for the publication materials * Writing articles and other pieces for organizations for all purposes * Editing and proofreading * Producing documentary films * Working as Child Counselor/Psychosocial Assistant and interviewer November 2009 - June 2011 Deputy Director - Human Rights Research & Advocacy Consortium (HRRAC), Kabul, Afghanistan Summary of Duties: * Leading the research, advocacy and communication efforts of HRRAC * Leading and managing HRRAC's program and administrative staffers Advocacy: * Meeting with policy makers, developing strategic plans for advocacy initiatives and monitoring the discriminatory laws, regulations and practices in the country * Managing the production of program materials including outreach and awareness visual and non-visual advocacy tools Communication: * Liaising with officials from government, donors, UN agencies, academia, nongovernment organizations, and media in order to maintain a close working relationship between HRRAC and the institutions and ensure the visibility of HRRAC's work. * Partaking intensively in context analysis of the human rights situation in the country and designing and conducting research studies Additionally: * Wrote and directed a documentary film on the Provincial Councils of Afghanistan titled "A Broken Relationship" * Conducted training programs Can be accessed online at:*option=com_content&view=article&id=23&Itemid=14 Jan 2010 - May 2010 Research Consultant - Human Rights Research & Advocacy Consortium (HRRAC), Kabul, Afghanistan Summary of Duties: * Reviewing the secondary sources for and co-authoring two research studies on Provincial Councils titled "A Broken Relationship: A Study of the Provincial councils and their Ability to Serve the Afghan People", and female political leadership titled "Women and Political Leadership: The Problems Facing Women Leaders in Afghanistan" Both can be accessed at:*option=com_content&view=article&id=22&Itemid=5 * Conducting a considerable number of in-depth interviews for both researches, especially those which should be conducted with senior government officials (ministers and governors), politicians and members of parliament * Conducting the final review of all qualitative and qualitative data * Writing/finalizing the two reports in English * Reviewing the final translation of the two reports in local languages to ensure accuracy and consistency * Managing the two aforementioned research studies and appearing for interviews on the two research studies in the print, audio and visual media Nov 2009 - Jun 2010 Communication & Publication Officer - Human Rights Research & Advocacy Consortium (HRRAC), Kabul, Afghanistan Summary of Duties: * Assisting in the coordination of the public information activities for HRRAC * Developing content and design layout of all HRRAC publications * Working with local and national media outlets to promote HRRAC activities * Facilitating, coordinating and organizing press conferences * Writing press releases, media advisories and public service announcements * Developing reports drawn from the information released by the local media Dec 2002 - Dec 2005 Economic/Commercial Assistant - Embassy of the United States of America, Kabul, Afghanistan Summary of Duties: * Attracting and working with the U.S. and Afghan businesspeople and entrepreneurs to invest in Afghanistan * Working on the economic and commercial sectors of Afghanistan with the concerned Afghan and US government entities for more commercially viable and investable climate. Jan 2002 - Dec 2002 Human Resources & Admin Assistant - International Medical Corps (IMC), Peshawar, Pakistan Summary of Duties: * Assisting in recruitment and administering day-to-day IMC businesses while supporting the Afghanistan office Apr 2002 - Dec 2002 Member & Administrator (Volunteer) - Afghan Youth Foundation for Unity (AYFUn), Peshawar, Pakistan Summary of Duties: * Looking after the administrative affairs of the foundation in its initial stages Apr 2000 - Jan 2002 Person-in-Charge of pages 11&12 "The Treasure" (a Monthly Publication), Sanayee Development Foundation (SDF), Peshawar, Pakistan Summary of Duties: * Writing and interviewing for the paper while editing pages eleven and twelve of the publication aimed at topics targeting the youth Nov 1999 - Jan 2002 ESL Instructor and Teacher Trainer, Kabul English Language Center (KELC), Sanayee Development Foundation (SDF), Peshawar, Pakistan Summary of Duties: * Teaching ESL from Grade 1 (Beginner) to Grade 8 (Advanced II) * Conducting language teaching skills to teacher trainees * Editing almost all publications of KELC (i.e books, vocabulary collection and so on) and compiling an effective English book "The First Step to English" for English Preliminary Learners) Jan 1995 - Nov 1999 ESL Teacher - Asia English Language Center, Peshawar, Pakistan Summary of Duties: Teaching ESL classes from Grade 1 (Beginner) to Grade 6 (Intensive)





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