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SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS Engineering and Technical Support Services (Design/Install/Configure/Troubleshoot/Repair) * Experience with CVN 78 Class Programs and Program Executive Office Integrated Warfare Systems, and other U.S. Navy organizations and departments. Familiarization with monitoring Warfare System Cybersecurity accreditation statuses, risk assessments, Cybersecurity vulnerabilities, and maintenance of Cybersecurity attributes in the CVN 78 Warfare System Architecture. Proficient in conducting research, reviewing and providing assessments of warfare system documentation, technical drawings, test plans, Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIG), for identification of electronic and IT vulnerabilities/risks under DIACAP and Risk Management Framework policies and guidelines. Interface with Subject Matter Experts (SME) and vendor product engineers via onsite inspection of various warfare system components for risk assessment. Assist with Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL) editing and format template changes. Deliver support for CVN 78 post-delivery testing and trail periods overseeing and providing Subject Matter Expertise in Cybersecurity and afloat warfare system elements. Provide Enterprise Architecture (EA) development and support for the CVN 21 Future Carrier Programme, through creation, review, revision and maintenance of Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) artifacts for various clients, including shipboard/fleet architectures, support systems, Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) and Government Furnished Information (GFI). * Technical knowledge/experience with DoD, U.S. Army, TRADOC, CASCOM policies and procedures. Versed in U.S. Army, logistics principles and practices to include a broad knowledge of Enterprise Architecture, strategic planning, and programming processes and guidelines to prepare long-range and short-range logistics information systems and efforts. Functional expertise and understanding of Doctrine, Organization, Training Material, Leadership Proponency and Facilities (DOTMLPF). Ability to assess procedures, impacts, processes and requirements. Proven experience providing transformation and change management related to the execution of project management techniques and human resource management implications. Background in operations research and logistical planning. Retain analytical and mathematical skills to support the extrapolation and forecasting of requirements using sound logical methodologies, for the purposes of practical translation to synchronized milestones and schedules. Ability to design, plan, create, implement, and manage U.S. Army database repository (MS SQL) and logistic architectural development system using various logistical software packages (IBM Rational System Architect). Provide updates to Brigade command and staff. Prepare briefings and papers for Commander and higher HQs (DA, TRADOC, CASCOM, etc.) * 8+ years in project engineering and program management. Extensive experience in research, design, development and implementation of government and commercial networks, architectures, and computer related systems. Act as liaison for preparation, dissemination, brief and co-chair for technical meetings and forums to present documentation packages to senior government and military agencies, review boards, customer meetings and command staff personnel. Provide recommendations and plans to produces top quality technical resolutions for IT/hardware system designs, or resolve technical problems to customer. Assume lead on complex and difficult technical projects, assignments, repair efforts, and movement of logistical materiel. Abreast with cutting-edge technologies and methodologies for upgrades/modifications to engineering and computer IT systems/networks, equipment, diagnostic tools and troubleshooting/diagnostic/ repair techniques, in order to provide customer with the highest level of system performance and maintenance. Utilize hands-on experience to deploy customer hardware and maintain software support build and image user workstations. Employ basic networking skills including connectivity troubleshooting maintain Cisco switch management cable management installation of software, support, troubleshooting operate Enterprise-level user and computer account creation and management servers, workstation, and switch patch management. TS/SCI CLEARED IT PROFESSIONAL WITH SOLID ENGINEERING AND TECHNICAL SUPPORT EXPERIENCE DERIVED UNDER 7 ORGANIZATIONS AND 5 MILITARY/CIVILIAN INSTALLATIONS supporting C4ISR and DoD services while providing leadership, administration, direction of personnel, technical consultation services, and on-site/remote field technical support for diagnosis and repair of computer IT/electronic systems and networks. Analyzed, procured, implemented, integrated, configured, provided quality assurance, sustained operational integrity and managed networked systems for the transmission of information in data, voice, and video formats across Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) architectures for 4500+ node systems. Highly adept at handling multiple projects, programs and management duties simultaneously, including sales, proposals, draft/implementation of engineering plans, business plans, and client/customer interaction. DoD 8570.01-M IAT Level II Compliant. * ASSIST IN program cost mitigation and multi-million budget reduction for Department of Defense (DoD) and United States Air Force, through maintenance of Air Force Network (AFNet) under the USAF Active Directory and Exchange (ADX) migration project. Provide system administration support for over 400,000 users across 30 military installations, in support of AFNet and ACC Legacy network systems. Provide top-level problem management support for 83 NOS messaging, Blackberry Enterprise Server, and other mobile messaging services. * Extensive Systems Engineering, Information Technology and Satellite Communications experience in support of integration, maintenance, repair and administration of Microsoft, UNIX and Cisco-based networks, architectures, platforms and equipment. Develop technical and operational standards and procedures for networks across air, space, and cyberspace domains. Skills and abilities encompass hardware installation, maintenance, employment of advanced troubleshooting/diagnostics/repair techniques for Dell, HP, Sun and Cisco systems including servers, storage area networks, filers, switches, ATMs, routers, workstations, etc. Maintain, troubleshoot, diagnose and repair physical networks and network equipment for the transmission of information in data, voice, and/or video formats, across multi-classified Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) architectures via 3000+ client systems. Maintain knowledge of Enterprise architectures including Active Directory services (ADUC), employ knowledge of data and multimedia cabling, and cabling management of both copper (CAT5e/Cat6), single-mode and multi-mode fiber optic network cabling, Cisco switches, and software patch management. Maintain knowledge and ability to troubleshoot problems to provide network resolutions. * Solid project and program management experience for commercial, government and military installations, with expertise in PC hardware shop set up (create/refit/overhaul) development of maintenance procedures compliance for DISA, DIACAP, Information Assurance (IA), Operational Security (OpSec) and other IT security measures implementation of shop safety protocols create/maintain IEEE and ISO compliance procedures establishment of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) control methods, protocols and equipment physical network topologies and server hardware installations, integration, configuration and maintenance quality assurance development of lifecycle/repair/maintenance plans and procedures and the utilization and improvement of network diagnostic techniques, equipment and tools. Conduct various safety procedures through drafting and submission of work permits, lockout/tagout cards and other safety documentation. Familiarity with naval shipyard and U.S. Navy shipboard procedures, practices and safety methods. * Highly knowledgeable in the development of technical training materials, content, and personal instruction for junior technicians and personnel in the areas of in-depth electronic theory and repair, computer systems and network theory military standards and guidelines practical application and techniques for network troubleshooting, diagnosis and repair of physical networks and network equipment server installation/set up/configuration basic and advanced repair techniques regarding utilization of network diagnostic equipment and tools. Draft comprehensive training procedures and instructions regarding troubleshooting methodologies to junior technicians for the installation, configuration, maintenance, troubleshooting, diagnosis and repair of Dell, Sun, HP and Sun servers, storage area networks, switches, routers and workstations video teleconferencing (VTC), audio visual equipment A/V printers, scanners, copiers, digital senders and plotters maintenance of physical networks via installation, testing, troubleshooting, repair of network backbones and data transmission lines via fiber optic, Ethernet (Cat 5e/Cat 6), RF and coaxial cabling media. Knowledge conference room and teleconferencing room environments. * 7+ years as Assistant Researcher for various remote sensing and space-born projects involving a wide variety of experiments utilizing cutting-edge technologies to develop prototypical instrumentation. Provide system engineering services for civilian Research & Development facility regarding the production of experimental satellite and ground-based detection/analytical systems and supporting network architectures for atmospheric, earth, marine, space science and Department of Defense (DoD) programs. Perform system engineering duties via design, development, fabrication, packaging, testing and field implementation of satellite instrumentation and atmospheric detection devices. * Procure and manage subcontracts and personnel for various projects and programs on behalf of customer. Review contract agreements via adherence to government regulations and restrictions, to ensure compliance is maintained. Oversee contract modifications for proper administration, transition, or closure. Conduct testing of systems, record data and provide result/reports. Supports engineers through technical assistance via engineering tasks including drafting and documenting of engineering change proposals (ECP) engineering reports, drawings, flow diagrams, schematics and layouts. Performs data analyses, mathematical calculations, and utilizes formulas/algorithms to make quantitative determinations. Provides engineering documentation and technical reports. * Utilize circuit design (LabView) and layout tools, soldering/population of PC boards, chassis fabrication and assembly, C/C++ programming, microcontroller programming, system testing and debugging via diagnostic equipment and software analysis tools, for the creation of analog and digital sensor/detection instrumentation. Model electronic circuit simulations via LabView. Install and maintain automation equipment for the production of experimental CCD pixel array via Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) - Allen Bradley (PLC-5) utilizing ladder logic. Interpret, draft and document complex mechanical/electrical drawings, schematic diagrams, blueprints, plans, instructions, and engineering procedures. Troubleshoot, diagnose, analyze, populate, and repair complex systems and circuit boards down to the component level (also SMD circuit boards), utilizing electronic diagnostic equipment including oscilloscopes, multi-meters, RF analyzers, signal wave generators, frequency counters, voltmeters, etc. Performed calibration processes for various instrumentation, including acoustical, chemical, electrical, fluid, mechanical, optical or thermodynamic equipment. Developed calibration testing procedures for each piece of equipment based on detailed drawings, blueprints and other technical specifications provided by engineer or instrument manufacturer. Hardware/Software (Install/Configure/Troubleshoot/Repair)