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Credit Analyst


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PROFILE Seasoned FinTech professional with over a decade of experience managing a $52 billion credit portfolio. Skilled at blending research, data, analytics and technology to develop awesome products. PRODUCT MANAGEMENT BUSINESS PROCESS ANALYTICS Market Research, Product Strategy, Industry Analysis, Prototypes, Versioning, Release Management Business Process Management, Decision Management, Workflows, Dashboards, Validations Fundamental Analysis, Business Intelligence, Data, Predictive Analytics, Modeling, Reporting CORPORATE EXPERIENCE 2013 - Present 1999 - 2013 Zurich Trade Credit Senior Credit Underwriter - New Business Development * Part of business development team responsible for processing over 100 Trade Credit deals monthly with average sales between $150 million to over $1 billion. * Manage a diversified portfolio of $5 billion in accounts receivables worldwide. * Review, approve, set ratings and limits on obligors with authority at $25 million. * Develop and automate submission analytics to identify success and failure rates by products, risks and brokers. * Maintain quantitative predictive Risk Rating model and implement standardized obligor underwriting guidelines. * Design monitoring system to identify problem credits and high risk exposures. * Work on special projects with COO to identify product roadmap for a web based commercial credit underwriting system. * Develop new products to leverage fintech opportunities targeted at the middle market sector. AIG Trade Credit Product Manager - Credit Algorithms * Responsible for web based global b2b e-commerce application including product strategy, model development, analytics, data sourcing and commercial viability. * Co-managed and monitored a diversified portfolio of $52 billion in accounts receivables worldwide. * Analyzed large data sets between 100,00 to 1.4 million records to develop automated credit algorithms covering 20 countries and over 50 million companies. * Maintained algorithms which serve as the engine behind the top 5 factoring institutions in the UK processing over 250,000 transactions yearly. * Managed exposures and designed monitoring system to identify problem credits * Managed a team of 30 people ranging from senior modelers, credit officers, project managers, technology developers, quality assurance and consultants. * Maintained and validated predictive BRRM Scoring model for public companies. * Performed cohort analysis and analytics to make adjustments to algorithms. CORPORATE EXPERIENCE 1995 - 1999 1993 - 1995 1990 - 1993 Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank Credit Officer * Responsible for industry research, analysis and company reports for corporate finance deals in the media, technology, semiconductors and energy sectors. * Made recommendations on corporate finance deals with average deal size ranges between $50 million to $75 million. * Set strategic goals related portfolio risk and industry concentrations. * Developed automated financial models and industry peer reports. ABN * AMRO Securities USA Equity Research Analyst * Performed equity research on companies under coverage, specifically consumer goods, telecom and technology. * Analyzed and recommended companies based on value, earnings growth, financial strength, market position and profitability. * Interacted with C-level executives for companies under coverage to validate financial models, product strategy, and industry trends. * Monitored U.S. Model Portfolio comprised of approximately 30 companies. MOODY'S INVESTORS SERVICE Analyst * Analyzed and tracked performance of companies included in Moody's Handbook of Common Stocks, published quarterly. * Evaluated company fundamentals and industry trends. * Calculated performance ratios and maintained financial models ABOUT PRODUCTS Trade Finance, Trade Credit, Invoice Finance, Receivable Finance, Factoring, Single Obligors, Bank LOC Confirmation, Corporates, Middle Market, Supply Chain, Credit, Equities