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PROFILE With over 6.5 years of experience in Benchmarking and VAVE for Automotive Industry in Passenger cars, Commercial vehicles, Powertrain, Agricultural and Construction equipment. I have successfully managed a wide range of Benchmarking Projects and VAVE Projects for different Automotive segments. In addition, I have conducted Benchmarking Training programs and participated in creativity workshop. My experience includes Leading Benchmarking Projects, Benchmarking Facility setup, Capturing, Analysing and interpreting trends and patterns form Benchmarking data, also generating VAVE ideas, and review with executive and top technical professionals. Projects Undertaken Competitive Analysis / Benchmarking and VAVE Projects: Project Scope: Pre-teardown Study/Static Analysis of as Received Product - * Conducting Customer Perceived Quality study by involving potential customers in the process at dealer location and at benchmarking facility. * Studying the Product with respect to the styling, Interior trims quality, Feel and Colour schemes (Both interior and Exterior), Paint quality and Passenger comfort. * Preparing vehicle data sheet (Measured data on the product) * Gap and Flushness Analysis - Automotive Exterior and Interior. * Automotive Ergonomics: - H-Point measurements as per SAE standards, Ingress/Egress, Seat plan measurements, Interior Dimensions. * Static Analysis of Vehicle systems in assembled condition E.g.: Panel thicknesses, Mel Sheet dimensions and mapping, Wiping area Mapping, Visibility Study, study of sheet metal joints, spot weld Mapping etc. Teardown and Data Capturing - * Leading Functional level and Part level teardown of all aggregates. * Detailed Photography (Product Level, Teardown Sequence, Functional Group level and Part Level with Exploded view for each assembly) * Preparing Technical Comparison report (Functional group level and Part level). * Creating Physical Bill of Material, extracting statistical Analysis report and Capturing Sourcing details. - Part Teardown, Dimensional Analysis, and Display Preparation * Weight and Dimensional Analysis of parts using scales, callipers, micrometres etc. * Specific measurements using Dial indicators, Ultrasonic thickness gauge etc. * Material Identification - Broad level and detailed * Surface Protection and Paint Quality Analysis * Fastener Analysis (Size, Threaded length, Pitch and Class) * Sourcing details (Capturing Make and Country of origin of Standard parts) * Preparing data in MS Office programs to clearly interpret test results * Organizing Benchmarking data into database and preparing project presentations * Preparing Benchmarking Studio displays layouts Should costing * Supported in commodity wise costing (sheet metal, casting, forging, plastic, rubber, glass) * Captured feature base details for each individual component * Complete decoding of the part manufacturing history * Generating detailed costing BoM with statistical analysis Value Analysis and Value Engineering - VAVE * Developed VAVE process based on function analysis, best engineering practices, new technology advancements to accomplish opportunities for cost and weight reduction. * Initiated VAVE activities with cross functional team approach across Benchmarking Projects. * Co-ordinated and Scheduled Meetings with different departments and external agencies for VAVE Idea Validation and Evaluation. * Implemented Design thinking methodology in VAVE process. * Trained team members to understand VAVE Methodology and TRIZ. * Co-Ordinated with Subject Matter Experts to develop the relevant technical backing for VAVE proposals and Identify implications. System base study * Engine peripheral systems: studied cooling, intake, exhaust and lubrication system. * Detailed layouts and individual component study, creating valve timing diagram and valve lift measurements. Benchmarking done for following Products: Automotive * 2 Passenger cars (hatchback Segment), Project done at Tata Technologies (2 months) * 3 SUV - H-point and Vehicle Measurement as Per SAE - J1100 using faro Arm - (3 weeks) * 3 Passenger Cars (Hatchback Segment), Project done at Tata Technologies (3 months) * 2 Passenger cars (hatchback Segment), Project done at Tata Technologies (2 months) * 3 Passenger cars (hatchback Segment), Project done at Tata Technologies (4 months) * 2 Trucks (49-ton capacity) - Rs. 30,000 potential cost saving per vehicle, (3 months) * 3 Mini pickup trucks, Project done at Tata Technologies in (3.5 Months) * 2 Pickup trucks, Project done at Tata Technologies (2.5 months) Engines * 2 Petrol Engines, 1 L, Project done at Tata Technologies (2 months) * 1 Diesel Engine, Project done at Tata Technologies (1 month) * 1 Petrol Engine, Project done at Tata Technologies (1 month) * 2 Diesel Engines, Project done at Tata Technologies (2 months) * 4 Diesel Engines, Project done at Tianjin, China (2 months) Construction Equipment * 2 Backhoe Loaders, Project Done at Kharagpur, India (3 months) Agricultural Equipment * 3 Combine harvesters (260 PS), Project Done at Zweibrücken, Germany (4 months) * 2 Tractors, Project Done at Tata Technologies (3 Months) * 3 Combine Harvester (120 PS), Project done at Jiamusi, China (4 months) * 7 Lawn Movers, Project done at Tata Technologies (4 months) Miscellaneous Products * 5 Vending machines, Project done at Tata Technologies (2 months) * Electric Lamps, Project done at Tata Technologies (2 weeks) * 3 Side loader attachments, Project done at Tata Technologies (2 months) Key Deliverables: * Vehicle datasheet (Includes Both Published Data and Measured data in Pre-Teardown phase) * FFQ (Feel, fit and Quality) - Customer Perceived Quality of the product. * Bill of Material (BoM), BoM Comparison (If Customer product is in scope), BoM analysis (Part distribution, weight distribution, material distribution) * Value Analysis and Value Engineering (VAVE) * Should Costing - Feature base (As per Customer Requirement)