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Professional Summary Registered Nurse Oncology Nurse Navigators are patient educators, care coordinators, system navigators and advocates working with a team of highly specialized physicians. Responsible for coordinating clinical activities in collaboration with multidisciplinary teams focusing on patients with a cancer diagnosis. Function as a support system for the patient and their families during the diagnosis and through the treatment process, serving as a gateway to heath services. Patient education is crucial in this role as it decreases the patient's anxiety as they become more informed on their disease process and options for treatment. CREDENTIALS/Affiliations Registered Nurse License, State of Florida CPR/BLS Academy Oncology Nurse Navigators EXPERIENCE/skills Clinical Transplant Coordinator/Paired Exchange Nurse Miami Transplant Institute/Jackson Health System * Coordinate, counsel and teach individuals families and groups the process of kidney donation and transplantation. * Equipped with the knowledge of both the donor as well as the recipient's status for transplantation readiness, blood type compatibility and antigens Analyze the donor and recipient information which includes blood type and histocompatibility into an electronic matching system in order to find an ideal match providing a better outcome for the all patients involved. * Member of a multidisciplinary team which consists of surgeons, nephrologist, coordinator, social worker, financial specialist, lab technician and a pharmacist. * Provide care and services to patients in the outpatient clinic setting, communicate results of laboratory tests, discuss and review their readiness as well as anticipated complications and therapeutic interventions during the transplantation and donation phase. * Responsible for following the living kidney donor during the post-operative course and assessing any nursing interventions or needs of this surgical patient. * Living kidney donor program has equipped me with diverse knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully guide the donors through surgery and promote better health practices after kidney donation. * Involved in scheduling surgery, specialist appointments and screening donors' medical history. Oncology Breast Nurse Navigator Miami Cancer Institute/Baptist Health Systems * Breast Nurse Navigator for Imaging and Surgical patients as well as Medical Oncology and Radiation Oncology patients. * Function as a liaison between patients, physicians and the healthcare team. * Serve as a resource for the patient and their family by providing education on the disease process and treatment plans to decrease anxiety and guide the patient in making more informed decisions. * Advocate for the patient and family by collaborating with the support services team to include integrative medicine, palliative care, social work, genetics, nutrition, clinical trials and survivorship. * Responsible for teaching patients and family about post-operative complications, drain care, lymphedema and recovery after breast surgery during a pre-surgical class. * Function as a staff resource and educator of breast disease processes and treatment options. * Preceptor to new Oncology Nurse Navigators. Provide guidance as to the processes that are in place for navigating patients as well as the different systems used within the institution.