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Network Security Engineer

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Profile U.S. Military Veteran with extensive Leadership, Managerial, and IT experience. My proven military and civilian leadership and managerial skills combined with outstanding analytical and problem solving abilities yield professional success. * The needs required by the customer are first - not, profit first. "THIS" creates customer loyalty. * Experienced doing research to recommend hardware and software solutions to augment or enhance existing security measures as needed to include ensuring the existence of systems interoperability and compatibility, as well as reviewing existing software and licenses for updating and/or removal. * Planning, implementing and managing companywide security infrastructure such as firewalls, IDS/IPS, end-point security, vulnerability scanners, web application firewalls, proxy servers, encryption, remote, mobile and virtual networking for the communications environment. * Hands-on experience auditing, investigating, and reporting any security or compliance violations and incidents and ensure proper protection and corrective measures have been taken when an incident or vulnerability has been discovered. Also, able to prepare the IT Security team for zero-day threats and how to respond to them as quickly as possible. * Thrive for continuous improvement by being creative, innovative, and thinking outside of the box while having excellent communication, coaching, counseling, and coordination skills * Positive, enthusiastic, and energetic attitude in the organizational culture environment * Can work alone but prefer a team atmosphere for sharing of ideas * Rated as having a "Guardian" personality type by the Keirsey method Accomplishments - converted a non-secure, non-communicative mobile Data Processing Unit to a secure communicating unit that interfaced with the AUTODIN DOD network. Was also the Contracting Officer Representative (COR) for the unit responsible for over $25M worth of hardware and software assets and saved over $45K by getting rid of unused or outdated software and licenses. Reinvested the savings into much needed software upgrades and technical improvements. Kept tactical network communications secure through use of proper encryption and password controls. * Provided valuable input to LTGeneral Colin Powell for major improvements for Digital Battlefield Weapons Data Systems through inspections and evaluations. Maintained all Systems Security, accreditation, and data acquisition for a major Army Corps. Initiated many changes and modifications that are still in use today. One of the most critical, was the discovery of an obsolete encryption system being used from the initial Research and Development of the TACFIRE Artillery Fire Direction System. By upgrading the encryption system to a real live COMSEC account, the data security of the entire military artillery weapons community was greatly enhanced and became much more efficient and better managed * Managed System Security, Risk Management, Configuration Management, and Tempest issues for large organizations within the military arena * Was highly decorated with awards honoring me for my many accomplishments while I was in the military - highest military awards - Silver and Bronze Star Previous Relevant Work Experience (prior to the University of Cincinnati) Apr 2009 to Oct 2010, 1st Choice Drug Testing, LLC. (and Background Checks), Fairfield, OH Founder, Owner & CEO of my own business * Developed business plan and started business as a LLC for drug testing and background checks * Developed customer data base and provided a "Go - To" service for my clients * Established contracts with Quest and Lab Corp as a local drug tester * Worked with local law enforcement "DARE" programs and local High School "Stop Drugs" committee