Chaitanya J

System Engineer - 11 Years of Experience - Near 60563


System Engineer


Naperville, IL

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Summary of Experience and Qualifications * 11 years of experience in analysis, implementation, testing and maintenance of Software applications using C++, Android. * Successfully Demonstrated Long Term Multimedia playback project at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. * Around 5 years of experience in Android Multimedia Framework (Audio, video and graphics). * Expertise in complete Android Multimedia stack like Java, JNI, Surface Flinger, HwComposer, Gralloc, video codecs, and display. * Expertise in Object oriented programming (OOPS) and Design patterns. * Expertise in Android graphics architecture, SGX kernel driver, ION framework. * Expertise in Android Multimedia Framework, Linux Device Drivers, Symbian OS. * Well versed in Open MAX IL, V4L2 Framework, Linux. * Expertise in Set top box multimedia domain. * Core expertise in development of Device drivers on Android Linux platform. * Successful in implementing Onsite-Offshore models and CMM Level-5 processes. * Good knowledge of Operating Systems in Symbian OS, Linux. * Involved in the implementation of big Telecom Projects from Broadcom for clients like Nokia, Samsung. * Experience in developing Display Panel drivers, HDMI/MHL drivers, Audio sound drivers. This with a car kit. Our Application is connected to the car kit using Bluetooth. CarUI application has various functionalities like telephony (all call and message related functionality) music, and navigation. I personally involved in creating scalable UI optimized layouts using tools like Adobe Photoshop for Nokia 5800 phone (360 640). Porting 3.2 application to 5.0 and Arabic language support. Roles and Responsibilities: * Responsible for Design, Development and Testing of the CarUI application for 5.0. * Reviews, Testing and De-bugging Environment: Symbian OS, Series60 SDK, Carbide project "Series60 Subcon Delivery" is to generate subcon specific packages and delivering those packages to individual subcontractors automatically. Those packages are based on the LLA which varies from one subcontractor to the other. Subcon specific packages are always different from the original releases because some Nokia specific code and third party code should not be shared with subcontractors. Subcon specific packages for S60_3.2 S60_3.23 S60_5.0 S60_5.1 PF52.50 DFS70.91.91 DFS79.92.92 Symbian OS 94 and 95 releases are delivered. The total delivery process is automated by Perl and dos scripts. Roles and Responsibilities: * Development of scripts which automate subcontractor delivery of all the releases (i.e. S60_3.2 S60_3.23 S60_5.0 S60_5.1 PF52.50 DFS70.91.91 DFS79.92.92 Symbian OS 94 and 95). * Co-ordination with various groups for planning to ensure deliveries with no defect. * Delivering subcon specific packages to FTP Servers. * Worked with more than 60 subcontractors in resolving their issues providing them their requested builds and helping them in extracting the builds and creating images. This project "Series60 Applications Maintenance & Integration" mainly deals with major PIM (Personal Information Management) applications developed from Series60 2nd edition onwards error management in PIM applications Platform Security enhancements in Symbian v9. x. PIM applications include Pinboard Speeddial Calculator Clock Notepad etc. Change Requests Enhancements are done to these applications as per the client requirements. To minimize the errors in the Lotus Notes error report the present system is analyzed and new efficient techniques are developed. Roles and Responsibilities: Developed PIM applications as per the requirements. * Developed Scalable UI support to take different screen resolutions scalable fonts into account for different applications in series 60 2nd edition onwards. * Developed QWERTY keypad support for Calculator application. * Developed Touch Screen support for Calculator application